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Gospel artiste offers a fresh feel

Gspel musician Elt Bango

Writes Nyasha Mutena

Whenever one listens to gospel music, it draws them closer to the Almighty. Many attest that it lifts emotional burdens no matter how heavy.
Since time immemorial, gospel music has remained the opium of the oppressed, bringing many souls closer to their maker. While gospel musicians are plenty and fans remain spoilt for choice, being unique propels success for most who have made it to the top. Such is the case for Chitungwiza-based gospel artist, Elt Bango whose songs are an epitome of freshness.
Born and bred in Zambia, but landed in Zimbabwe in September of 2003 while pursuing good education, Elt Bango whose real name is Elton Nyabango is turning hearts and souls to God through music.  Anyone who has given an ear to the young artist’s music testifies that they feel the presence of the Lord.
His music journey began in 2020 when he released an album dubbed Elt Bango music collection 1. Ever since then, Nyabango hasn’t looked back. In 2021 he churned out the second collection. He says he is back in the studio and has already done 2 tracks from his 3rd album. The album carries 4 tracks so far which are In the World featuring JNT, I love you Jesus Remix feat Tuli Gunzi, Mwari vakanaka, and Hama yePedyo.
“I’m currently working on my third album namely In The World We Are. So far I have 4 songs on that album and still working on 2 or 3 songs,” he said.
He was inspired to venture into music when he joined the praise and worship team at church. He mentioned that his journey was also a bumpy one, the most challenging emanating from failure to get airplay.
“In music, there are always challenges, especially to upcoming musicians. It’s been very hard for me as an artist to get my tracks to be played on the radio. I can safely say it’s a wish that is yet to come true ever since I started my music journey,” said Nyabango.
He urged people to love God and shun evil works adding that unity remains a cornerstone throughout life’s endeavors.
“Let’s be united and love God. I want to encourage all upcoming or aspiring gospel musicians to keep soldiering on bearing in mind that one day it will be well,” he said.
His music can be accessed on YouTube @ Elt Bango.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende