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Green Light International opens an adult residential facility for people with disabilities

Writes Chimeno Azriel

One of Zimababwe’s non-profit organizations, Green Light International Trust (GLIT) is set to open an adult residential facility for adults with developmental disabilities. The centre will be a behavioural care home and a place to turn disabilities into abilities.

In an interview, the Public Relations Manager for the Organisation, Mr. Munashe Kujeke, said they are opening the centre in order to equip people with disabilities with the opportunity to learn, live and work towards contributing to the communities.

“This Center equips adults with disabilities with the opportunity to live, learn, work and play as vital members of their own community,” he said.

The centre will ensure that persons with disabilities experience valued roles in the community.

According to Kujeke, GLIT Abilities Developmental Center will focus on various areas that will include community exploration, awareness of community resources and accessibility, volunteer opportunities, communication, speech and language skills development, alternative systems of communication/sign language, telephone skills, computer training, reading, writing and comprehension, self-expression, social interaction, conversational skills, current events and etiquette and personal space management.

Through Self-Help and Daily Living, the learners will tackle issues such as appearance and hygiene, physical health/exercise, medication education, psychotherapy services, and menu preparation and cooking. There will be various self-help skills among them self-advocacy and direction where they will be equipped with information on making informed choices, citizenship, leadership development, and personal safety.

The organisation’s intention to open up a Developmental Center for Adults with Disabilities came up after they had realised that people with disabilities tend not to have equal opportunities in education, employment, and other facilities, so they tend to be idle adults with nothing else they think of than being beggers of the streets.

“We believe that a full realisation and impartation of these skills will make us go a long way in changing the lives of those different forms of disabilities. The centre will benefit not only those who will be housed at this Center but those who will also be part of the programmes that will be done at this Training Center. We are hoping and praying that resources come about and help us acquire the basic equipment that we need for us to open up this Center.”

Speaking to this publication, the Director of GLIT, Mr. Tawanda Makwiramiti, said he tries to push in order to bring new interventions try to bring better lives to the vulnerable, especially those with disabilities and in doing so, the Organisation has to open the centre.

“As the founder of Green Light International Trust, I always push to bring new interventions that will transform lives of the vulnerable, especially those with disabilities. The Abilities Development Centre (ADC) is coming into existence as a result of the realization of the potential development of growth and independence in the lives of people with developmental disabilities,” said Makwiramiti.

“The knowledge of the theme “DISABILITY DOES NOT MEAN INABILITY, ” should be exhibited in action by this center and we call for guardians of these individuals to come forth and give their family members a chance to explore their talents and hidden abilities.”

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