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Government supporting youth empowerment initiatives

Hon Marian Chombo

By Elvis Dumba

Mutorashanga – Young people have been urged to take advantage of various government empowerment initiatives for economic development.

ZANU PF National Youth League Deputy Secretary for Education, Shepherd Marime, said young people should participate fully in economic activities being spearheaded by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration.

Marime was addressing the ZANU PF youth league gathered for Zvinba North Costiruency’s Ward 15 sports tournament being bankrolled by Zvinba North Constituency legislator, Hon Marian Chombo.

“As young people let us take advantage of all the support being availed to us and ensure we work hard and achieve economic independence through programs such as mining and agriculture,” he said.

Marine said the government is seized with addressing challenges in the education sector to ensure that every child has access to quality education.

Addressing the same gathering, Hon Chombo said young people should ensure that government-supported programs succeed through effective work.

“You are witnessing what our President is doing to ensure economic rebound in ways that allow you to be financially empowered. As young people, you should fully participate in programs such as Pfumvudza/Intwasa, and mining, especially coal, which is in abundance in this area,” she said.

Hon Chombo said the sports tournaments which are hosted for every ward are meant to promote talent development and create activities that take young people away from drug and substance abuse.

“We are trying to have these sports tournaments so that the youths are taken off from drug and substance abuse activities and besides the sports program, we have some income-generating projects like piggery and poultry for the youths in the constituency,” she said.

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