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Greening Programme for the CBD by City of Harare


By Tendai Guvamombe

Harare City Council has embarked on a long term programme aimed at reviving local parks in the Central Business District (CBD) following years of stagnant development in complete isolation.

This was revealed by City Council’s Corporate Communications Manager Michael Chideme on Friday at their offices headquartered in the Capital.

The council, which has been a subject to criticism for failing to walk the talk, already kick started the refurbishment of Harare’s Central Business District under its revival programme termed ‘Greening Programme’.

“We have a greening programme for the Central Business District (CBD) that has already begun”, he said.

As part of its long term development goals the council is geared to extend the ‘Greening Programme’ towards beautification of all local parks including the once majestic gardens of Harare.

“We will soon swing into motion for the revival programme on parks and the ‘Greening Programme’ is extending to the parks in the Capital”, he added.

The programme is part of the City’s grand programme that seeks to turn Zimbabwe’s capital into a world class city by the year 2025 and the ongoing refurbishments ensure that it competes with major cities across the globe.


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