Growth of domestic and international aviation spurs tourism arrivals


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The growth of both domestic and international aviation spurs tourism arrivals, Ms. Tarirai Musonza, the Chief Director of the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry has said.

She made the remarks in her welcome address at Sanganai/Hlanganani 2023 Tourism Expo session on the Aviation Development Forum side event in Bulawayo today.

“Allow us to applaud and congratulate the organisers for this collaboration between the two sectors as we find each other in addressing key issues that contribute towards the growth of both domestic and international aviation which spurs tourism arrivals. For the first time in the history of Sanganai/Hlanganani, today we have representatives from over 10 Airlines attending this Forum and Exhibition. This indeed shows how committed you are to championing tourism and Aviation towards achieving Vision 2030.

“Distinguished delegates, stakeholders, and service providers from Aviation, Tourism, Academia, and all enabler industries here present, we would like to thank you all for shelving equally important duties to attend this, Forum.  We wish to encourage a free flow of ideas and an open discussion that will help us all in realising top-class service excellence and seamless destination access to visitors from all our markets to and around Zimbabwe A World of Wonders,” Ms. Musonza said.

The 2023 Sanganai/Hlanganani Tourism Expo brings together over 100 International buyers from across the World. Some of the participants landed at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport (RGMIA), Victoria Falls International Airport, and Joshua Mqabuko International Airport because of policies in place for International Airlines to land directly at these Airports.

Ms Musonza applauded the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development through the Airport Company of Zimbabwe (ACZ) for completing the first phase of upgrading the RGMIA into a modern International Airport, able to handle over 6 million passengers from the 1.5 million passengers handled before the upgrade. This signals a change of discourse in all tourism businesses and projections. The opening up of the new airport which is capable of landing wide-boarded aircraft has been a game changer within the destination.

Air Accessibility plays a major role in tourism business, and it is our wish for you to continuously develop both local and international accessibility stretching to smaller Airports like Mutare, Kanyemba, Binga, Masvingo among others.

Speaking during the same workshop, Passmore Dewa, the Manager of Airports Company of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo said aviation and tourism complement each other.

“Aviation is a catalyst in the development of tourism. Air connectivity is important for taking tourists to various destinations. The airlines consider demands as a key factor for connectivity,” Dewa said.

Farai Chimba, the President of the Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe (HAZ) alluded to a rise in domestic demand for travelling during COVID-19.

“Three things are considered when promoting tourism, These are access, accommodation, and activities. The aviation sector is working on harnessing more airlines going into various parts of the country like the Eastern Highlands, Masvingo, and Mutare,” Chimba said.