Harare city council working tirelessly to improve roads

By Patricia Mashiri

Following the 100 days target by the President of Zimbabwe the Harare City council is working tirelessly to reach its goals within the targeted days. They want to achieve greatness through their theme which targets achieving world city status by 2025.

Zvenyika Chawatama, a Harare City Council Director, said since last year the council has been trying its best to resurface roads which leads to industrial and business sites which are most of the busiest roads.

“Lasy year we had 17,8 million dollars in which we used about 14,9 million to resurface roads for the benefit of our people.The balance we are left with from last year is the one we are using in roads such as Waterfalls Avenue. So far we have completed 32,41 km has been completed from last year and currently about 38,5 km is work in progress.

“As city council we had budgeted some money and received 12,9 million from Zinara we will make sir all roads constructed well and resurfaced mainly the high density surbabs which are the ones suffering the most,”Chawatama said.

The Director said the 100 day initiative plan by the council is to finish resurfacing of all CBD roads like what it has already done on Chinhoyi and Nelson Mandela streets.

The council is targeting a lot of things which includes the deconjesting of the town by removing all kombis from the CBD. Passengers will have to get to town by shuttle buses from the designated legal pick and drop points, thereby parting away with an extra 30 cents. This new order caught people unaware as it was a short notice from the council.

A commuter only identified as Terence said the move by council was difficult to implement since it is worsening the burdens which are already on people’s shoulders.

“We have an economic crisis in the country and they are expecting us to add more money to our transport money which used to be $2 per day to slightly above $3. That is unimaginable. It is really a good idea to decongest the town but it should not be a burden to us the commuters.The shuttle buses must be free to avoid adding salt to our injuries,” Terrence said.