How to prepare for an interview

By Patricia Mashiri

Job interviews can be one of the stressful parts of the application process .It is one of the most intimidating ways of making a first impression. However, it is the good time to get an understanding of the employer’s expectations.

An interview has to be prepared for long back before the actual day. This helps in boosting the interviewee’s confidence . One has to consider how s/he will explain the aspects of his/her career as asked by the interviewer. There is need to identify the interests, skills and experiences that the organisation is looking for through looking at the company’s website and social media channels.

Below are some of the useful tips:

On the morning of an interview avoid drinking alcohol and eat a healthy breakfast but do not eat a lot of food. The food must help you to survive through out the interview to avoid inconveniences of unnecessary stomach aches.

An interview journey has to be planned in advance , aiming to arrive ten minutes before the meeting so that you will get familiar with the place, faces at the venues and allow yourself to settle before the interview.

Most interviewers are strict about what to wear. Some make judgements of your behaviour and attitude from your clothes so one has to be careful when choosing the interview clothes. It has to be formal to show your respect. Avoid wearing jewellery, too much make up e.g. bright lipstick if you are a lady and also avoid tight fitting clothes that would make you uncomfortable.

During the interview make a good impression. Be well mannered with any staff you meet before the interview. Do not bad mouth your previous employers if you have any and avoid talking about your personal problems unless completely necessary.

Your body languages is also an important thing during the interview. Give a firm handshake and sit down. Sit up straight without fidgeting and don’t forget to smile frequently.

In your responses be clear so that you don’t leave the interviewers in suspense. It is perfectly acceptable to pause before answering a difficult question to give yourself time to think so that you won’t miss any question.

After the interview thank the interviewer and do not try to bribe employers with anything .