“How To Stay Sober” programme to address drug abuse in Zimbabwe


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Following alarming drug and alcohol abuse statistics in Zimbabwe, Dr.Emmanuel Nzuzu (PhD), has introduced the “How To Stay Sober” (HTSS) programme to tackle the problem of alcoholism and drug addiction that has engulfed the country, destroying individual livelihoods, families, communities, and society.


Zimbabwe has in recent years experienced an upsurge in drug abuse, a phenomenon that has increased awareness of the problem at the national level. Law Enforcement authorities started launching a crackdown on drug abuse in the capital city of Harare, beginning in February 2023. It is reported that Drug Rehabilitation Centers are full and unable to cope with the rising demand to accommodate new patients.



It is against the current backdrop of alarming drug and alcohol abuse statistics, that Dr. Emmanuel Nzuzu (PhD), a distinguished Substance Abuse Treatment Counselor with a thriving addiction treatment practice in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, has decided to come home to join the front lines in the fight against this plague within our society.

He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling, and a Master of Science degree in Human Resources Development. Dr. Nzuzu is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in the State of Florida and a Certified Addictions Professional (CAP).

After supporting people with alcohol and drug abuse issues using traditional approaches for years, Dr. Nzuzu became increasingly frustrated with these methods’ failure to empower alcoholics and drug users to stay sober long-term.

“It was heartbreaking for me to see that after all the effort people put into their treatment and recovery, they did not have the skills to maintain their sobriety once their treatment was completed. Every time they relapse, their families are utterly devastated, and the patients feel like a complete failure. Even worse, their relapse undermines their confidence in their ability to stay clean in the future.”


How to Stay Sober (HTSS) is a unique program based on a model designed by Dr. Emmanuel Nzuzu (PhD, MS, MSc), specifically to tackle the problem of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction that has engulfed Zimbabwe, destroying individual livelihoods, families, communities, and society.

HTSS was developed from more than seventeen years of work and research with alcohol and drug addicts in different recovery settings. The program aims specifically at assisting individuals, communities, and Zimbabwean society at large by:

  • Building the capacity of existing alcohol and drug treatment facilities through the provision of a fresh and unique recovery model specifically designed for relapse HTSS has a curriculum with textbooks written specifically for substance abuse facilities, their employees, and their patients. This complements and enhances their current delivery of recovery services to position themselves as the must-go-to centers for effective relapse prevention.
  • Professionally empowering personnel who work with alcohol and drug abuse. This is achieved through professional skills transfer so that they can effectively facilitate healing and transformation and thereby achieve higher successful completion rates leading to a reduction in relapse rates. HTSS is designed to empower, strengthen, and equip personnel on the front lines of addiction recovery.
  • Educating individual addicts on how to regain control by taking back their power from alcohol and drugs; and on how to be guided by a vision of the future instead of memories of the past.
  • Strengthening the enhancement of recovery through the provision of mentoring and a linkages business program that empowers previously affected individuals to get access to self-employment opportunities and support to start their micro and small businesses.


Dr Nzuzu will be running workshops across the country, under his Sober At Last Academy, with the first being the “PREVENTING DRUG/ALCOHOL RELAPSE” workshop, scheduled for Friday 24 May at the Highlands Sports Club in Harare. This workshop is designed for therapists, counsellors, psychologists, and social workers. Registration is currently in progress. There are limited seats available, so early registration is recommended to avoid disappointment. There will be a nominal fee to cover the cost of workshop materials, teas, and lunches.

Those interested in this exclusive and unique opportunity can contact:

Doris Musasa on 0772 342 631 or emailing soberatlastacademy@gmail.com

More information on Dr. Nzuzu’s work and the HTSS recovery program can also be found on www.soberatlastacademy.com and on www.admitproblemandstaysober.com/