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Important Reasons Your Dog Needs A Harness

By Ross Geller

Do you have a pet dog who loves going on walks? Are you worried about the safety of your furry friend? If you are a pet owner, it is natural for you to ensure that your dog is safe and protected when you step out of the secured four walls of your home. Although you can find plenty of products on the market today, people are opting for dog harnesses. If you are wondering whether you must get a harness for your canine or not, you are in the right place. Read on to find out everything about a dog harness and its benefits. 

While dog owners have been using a leash for a long time, it is the pet harness that is taking the center stage now. A harness consists of straps or webbing that go around your dog, and you can fasten them in with buckles. There are girth straps that go around the chest and behind the front legs, and a long strap across the back stabilizes it.

The dog harness takes away the pressure from the delicate neck of your pet and is extremely gentle for them. There are plenty of harnesses available today that can ensure your dog has a fun time when going out for a walk.

Why should you get a harness for your dog?

If you are still wondering why your dog needs a harness, here are some reasons that can help you make up your mind:

1.       Prevents them from escaping:

If your dog is the mischievous kind, there might have been instances when he tried to escape from the collar. One second you stop to chat with the neighbor, and the next second, your pup has managed to get free by getting the collar over his head. It is common for small dogs to wiggle out of the collar and run away. If that is the case with you, your furry friend might need a harness. It covers a broader area, and it goes around the legs and chest to keep them secure in their place. The chances of escaping from a well-fitted harness are next to zero. 

2.       Stop the incessant pulling of the leash:

When you step out, you should be the one walking your dog and not the other way around. If your dog is always pulling the leash to run away, the everyday walk can become a struggle for you both. While guiding your pet dog might feel like an intense upper-body workout for you, it can undoubtedly add pressure on your furry friend’s neck. When your dog is wearing a harness and decides to pull, the harness will haul them in the opposite direction. A harness can help redirect their momentum and discourage the constant pulling.

3.       Can reduce injuries:

The neck of your dog is so delicate that any intense strain on it can make them prone to injuries. When you pull on the leash, while it may cause you minor discomfort on your arm, it may cause irreparable damage to your furry friend. From neck injuries to respiratory problems, from tracheal collapse to damage to eyes, anything can happen. Since a harness takes away the pressure from the neck and disperses it over a large area of your dog’s body, the chances of injuries reduce.

4.       Gives you more control:

As much as you’d like to believe, not every dog is well-behaved when going out for a walk. They tend to get over-excited and want to take the lead, running after everything from a squirrel to a car. While they believe that they are just having fun, it can become troublesome for the pet parent. Here, a harness will ensure you have proper control of their movements. Instead of pulling on the neck, you will be able to direct your dog’s entire body into the direction you want. Walking on a harness may also reduce the stress of your pet and make them follow your commands. It will prove immensely beneficial if you walk your dog through busy areas with a horde of distractions for them.                 

5.       Added features:

Many harnesses come with impeccable features that can make your and your dog’s life easy. Besides being made from soft, comfortable, and breezy material, a harness has safety features like velcro and plastic buckles. Besides that, some harnesses have a designated space for you to carry poop bags and other essentials like water or treats for them. A harness will make walks a lot more convenient. 

Final Thoughts

Whether your dog is the proactive one or a couch potato, the mere mention of the word ‘walk’ can make them jump around. Going out for daily walks can be an excellent exercise for your furry friend and also give you time to bond with them. But if you keep worrying about the safety and security when you take your dog out, you need a harness. It will keep them comfortable, safe, and secured in their place. You can put your worries to rest by getting a harness and get as excited for walks as your dog is, if not more.  

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