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IMS Zimbabwe, ‘Health in Your Hands Sanitarium’ promotes community health



The Christian-related International Missionary Society (IMS) Zimbabwe, in partnership with “Health in Your Hands Sanitarium’ has been hailed for promoting healthy living lifestyle in communities countrywide.

IMS, started in 1914 in Mosbach, Germany, is leaving a positive trail in the health sector, particularly in poor rural communities where the majority of the population cannot afford the services at clinics and hospitals.

“In all the ten provinces of the country, we run wellness centres that provide counselling, lifestyle education as well as treatment emphasising on nutrition and supplementation, reflexology, hydro-therapy as well as geo and herbal therapy. The services are free to the disadvantaged,” said IMS director for Zimbabwe, William Nyarota.

Nyarota said the free services targeting the less privileged members of society are part of IMS welfare ministry in line with the organisation’s Christian values.

The wellness centres also offer training programmes to students at polytechnic colleges and universities on naturopathic medicine.

A number of people interviewed by Spiked Online Media said they find herbal medicine provided by IMS useful in treatment of ailments such as cancer, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis and gonorrhoea among others.

“In all the communities we operate in, we also preach the Gospel of Christ and encourage peaceful and harmonious living. We also conduct Bible studies and health expos, seminars and conferences on naturopathic medicine.

“For skills development, we offer cookery lessons and promote the development of youths by offering them self-help projects like bee-keeping and market gardening,” said Nicholas Moyo, the medical practitioner in charge of the wellness centre at Lower Gweru Mission.

Moyo is also a presenter for South Africa-based Isambulo Television’s Life Destiny channel where he speaks on the promotion of environmental conservation and climate change adaptation strategies among other key topics.

Apart from the television programme, Moyo says he is a lecturer of naturopathic medicine at Hartland Training and Development Centre in Zambia and has held evangelism crusades and prayer meetings in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Rustenburg in South Africa.

The programmes are run with the blessing of the International Health Organisation. The headquarters is in the Engineering section of Highfield in Harare while other centres are in Dangamvura and Zimunya of Mutare, Vengere Township in Rusape, Hwata Township in Karoi, Lower Gweru Mission, Cut Price Centre in Gokwe, Masvingo CBD, Chitungwiza, Mutoko, Tsholotsho, Bulawayo, Bindura and Kwekwe.

IMS donates food to the less privileged and pays school fees to about 100 children in the Chikwariro and Maanhu areas of Bocha under Chief Marange in Manicaland. They also help the same number of children in Chief Chundu’s Machipisa area in Sanyati.

This also runs concurrently with “Health in Your Hands Sanitarium” (Private) Ltd, which offers naturopath (treatment using natural remedies) and are specialists in hydrotherapy (water treatment); reflexology (massaging); aromatherapy (massaging) as well as phyto-therapy or herbal treatment.


“After many years of research on treatment and management of most chronic diseases, we finally have come up with solutions for a number of health challenges,” said Mr. Nyarota, the Health in Your Hands Managing Director.


The organisation offers medication for immune boosting; HIV and AIDS Management; fungal infections; skin rashes and skin diseases of all kinds including sores/herpes and thrush fungal infection.


“We also offer medication to different kinds of cancers. Even those that have gone under radiation and chemotherapy management for tumours, cysts, septic sores, growths, ano-rectal cancer, bowel cancer, stomach cancer, brain tumours, liver cancer, kidney cysts, liver cysts and many more. It does not end there. We also treat women disorders. These include irregular periods, PV bleeding, menstruation problems, heavy periods, breast cancer, cervical cancer, cancer of the uterus, cervical erosion, infertility, myomas, fibroids, ovarian cysts, genital warts, Candida, hot flashes, menopause problems, breast lumps and sexually transmitted diseases.


“For men, we treat disorders like erection problems, prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, low sperm counts, premature ejaculation, infertility, genital warts, STIs, urination problems and cancer of the genital organs. We also treat common and chronic diseases. These include anthritis, back pain, coughing, sore throat, asthma, diabetes, high-blood pressure, epilepsy (fits), Oedema, piles, anaemia, gall bladder stones and kidney stones,” Mr Nyarota added.


FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT HEALTH IN YOUR HANDS: VISIT HEAD OFFICE AT HOUSE NUMBER 97 ENGINEERING, HIGHFIELD HARARE. CONTACT: +263 775 130 307; +263 774 745 190; +263 734 344 281; +263 733 986 419; +263 716 964 333; +263719 130 307; +263 784 158 442

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