India gives Zimbabwe $250 000 worth of medicines


The Honourable Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Obadiah Moyo recently received medicines worth $250,000 from the Government of India. The Minister thanked the Indian Government for the medicines which will remarkably increase the availability of medicines and ease the challenges that the health sector has been facing.

“As government we greatly appreciate the donation of medicines from the Indian Government. This donation comes to improve the levels of stocks in the nation from 52% to 65%.”

“India has gone in tune with what we are currently advocating for as a Nation as we have been focusing on Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs). The donation will go a long way in easing the challenges that the health sector has been facing,” said the Honourable Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr John C. Mangwiro.

Dr Moyo highlighted that the medicines will not be kept at NatPharm but will be distributed immediately to all the health institutions in the country.
The medicines have a two year shelf life so the large consignment will expire in 2021.

“The drugs will last for a sizeable time but we need more drugs and move towards building stocks”.

The Ambassador of India His Excellency R. Masakui highlighted that they are collaborating with Pharmaceutical companies to ensure availability of life saving drugs to the people of Zimbabwe at affordable prices. 

His Excellency R. Masakui further stated that this donation is part of a large consignment of drugs worth over $2 million.

“This is the first tranche of the commitment made by the Honourable Vice President of India during his Visit to Zimbabwe in November 2018. The remaining consignment of medicines worth $2 million is under the process of procurement,” he said.

The collaboration with the Indian pharmaceutical companies will help produce the medicines locally.

“Indian group of companies will come into the country shortly to set up bonded warehouses. This will make medicines available on a continuous basis from India, China and all over the world. This development is set to shorten period of delivery of medicines to health Institutions as medicines will be made locally available.” 

“More so local manufacturing will improve, as active pharmaceutical ingredients will be available and packed locally. This will lower prices naturally as we get more products and competition coming in the country,” assured the Minister Dr O. Moyo.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende