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Inspiring Book: Essential Skills for Highly Successful Youths


A fresh and new book on critical skills targeting youths, a game changer for youths seeking success. There is a new book coming out called Essential Skills for Highly Successful Youths. This is an educational book targeted at young people seeking success. Written by Carolyne Mande Lunga, a career coach and lecturer of Journalism at the University of Eswatini (UNESWA) with vast experience in teaching at university and working with young people in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Eswatini. The book challenges youths to master important critical skills in order to succeed in this rapidly changing world.


The book advances the notion that these skills are critical for all disciplines and professions and are important for all young people in high, tertiary and those out of school. The skills include lifelong learning, critical thinking, innovation, problem solving, entrepreneurship, communication, emotional intelligence, financial literacy, stress management among others. Critical skills are not just about technical efficiency in one’s chosen field of study, but about getting along with others, self awareness, making sound decisions, understanding and appreciating cultural diversity, the ability to make sense of the world around us, using the internet and social media productively, distinguishing between fake and credible information and living responsibly in a globalised world.


The book also offers practical/step by step guidance on how these skills can be inculcated through considering the perspectives, experiences and realities of Africa. Furthermore, the book gives practical guidance on the important steps for developing winning CVs, resumes, online applications, cover letters and personal statements including being called for interviews and nailing them. No such book has been developed by an African, for Africans and the world at large and thus it covers a gap in knowledge and information coming from a developing continent.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende