Israeli heinous acts against Palestinians continue unabated claiming 6 fatalities, 30 wounded

HE Tamer Almassri, the Ambassador of Palestine to Zimbabwe

Writes Lovemore Chazingwa

The State of Israel is undeterred and continues to inflict more fatalities and critical injuries to the people of Palestine as witnessed by the recent inhuman acts perpetrated on the refugee camp of Jenin and along the Gaza Strip.

The embassy of Palestine in Harare issued an emotionally charged statement over the actions that it condemns in the strongest terms, at the same time urging all progressive voices to put such brutality to an end.

“The Embassy of the state of Palestine in Harare condemns in the strongest terms the heinous crimes committed by the Israeli apartheid occupation army against our people in the refugee camp of Jenin as well as in the Gaza Strip, which left 6 dead and 30 wounded in critical conditions.”

The State of Palestine unequivocally puts the blame on Israel while stressing that this kind of aggression destabilizes not only the region but, the world at large.

“We hold the Israeli government fully and directly responsible for this ongoing aggression against our people in Jenin, Gaza, and other Palestinian cities, as this is a dangerous escalation that threatens stability in the entire region and the world.”

Palestine emphasizes that it will continue to fight for self-determination and sovereignty.

“The state of Palestine stresses that these Israeli crimes will not deter the Palestinian people from continuing their national struggle until they win their legitimate rights and establish their independent sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital.”

The embassy in Harare points to double standards of the international community in tackling the protracted war between Israel and Palestine, flagging that such a stance propagates more aggression towards the people of Palestine.

“The international community’s double standards and failure to act against the Israeli violations of Palestinian people’s rights encourages Israel to increase its crimes against our oppressed people.”

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