It’s becoming a bizarre world

By Pauline Hurungudo


Many term it supernatural, whilst to others it is just strange inexplicable phenomenon. For many Christian believers, this is the evidence of the end times which the whole world is currently living. With several perspectives on current bizarre events throughout the world, there still remain questions that many have failed to give answers and attest to in a bid to comprehend some of the strangest experiences the human race has ever perceived, especially in Zimbabwe.


With several bizarre stories being reported in Zimbabwe, it’s no longer strange to hear stories of men with breasts (Source: The Weekend Post), woman giving birth to a chicken head (Source:, prophet supposedly speaking to “God” on his cell phone (, Satanism and witchcraft in school (Source:ZBC TV); the list is endless. These amongst many other stories have somehow led to the appraisal of the supernatural; and many views and perspectives have stormed social media platforms in a bid to address and define what has left many in shock.


Tilda live Shows on Star FM in 2017 captivated and conscientized many on the bizarre events and stories that had been taking place behind closed doors within Zimbabwe. However shockingly, reports show that many parts of the earths sphere have also experienced similar cases with many failing to understand UFOs (Unidentified Flying objects) and many other strange phenomenon.


A ‘pregnant man’ cropped up from Malawi after he had allegedly denied to have impregnated a school girl (Source: In South Africa, a Prophet allegedly claimed to have gone to hell and killed Lucifer (Source: whilst a a supposed ”Pastor” in Nigeria forced congregants to eat a snake during deliverance ( A Japanese man who claims to be a psychic allegedly contacted the “lonely” ghost of Princess Diana, prior to the 20th anniversary of her death in a car accident in Paris. (


The strange is becoming normal as the world is indeed revolving and changing and things are drastically changing. Whatever the world decides to term it BIZARRE or not, there is definitely something happening in the world that is dissimilar from the past centuries, or perhaps we just had no clue about it. Each individual has a chance to evaluate this strange world and possibly term it befittingly.