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JayshCare Appoints Pasi neGuka Hitmaker Brand Ambassador

Craig Zonke
By Own Correspondent
An upcoming hip hop artiste, Craig Zonke has been appointed brand ambassador of JayshCare Rehabilitation Services.
The Pasi neGuka hitmaker says he is eager to use his ambassadorial role in amplifying the anti-drug message among his peers.
” I am delighted that JayshCare has appointed me as their brand ambassador. This will enable me to preach the anti-drug message far and wide in this country.
” It is something that is taking a toll on my peers and I have to use my art to dissuade them to indulge in such an ill,” said Craig Zonke who is also a member of St John’s Apostolic Church of the Whole World.
The youthful musician has seen his stock rise after he unleashed Pasi neGuka song.
Speaking to this publication, JayshCare Rehabilitation Services Zimbabwe Manager, Mrs Amanda¬† Rosalind, described¬† Craig Zonke’s ambassadorial role as apt since he is versatile.
“We at JayshCare found Craig to be a vibrant Ambassador for pushing the brand and message of #Saynotodrugs for he is keen about singing, interacting, and preaching the message with all ages.
“Across all religions and non-Christians, he is able to sing the message through. We are happy to be sending the message of a drug-free nation, combining work and play. This message targets all nationalities and genders as we build our nation at large in all age groups. We at JayshCare want to stand proud and say one day, we managed to be part of a healing and rehabilitation halfway home for sober people,” said Mrs. Rosalind.
The Highlands-based drug rehabilitation organisation was founded 20 years ago by Mrs. Juliana. It offers comprehensive drug rehabilitation services which are a mix of individual group therapy sessions in the form of psychosocial occupational therapy and psychologist services.
Its board directors include the human resources director, Ms. Pamela Maenzanise, the clinical director, Ms. Alice K Dzukamanja, and the operations director, Mrs. Patricia Siyawamwaya.

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