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Joint book launch by Susan Tembo and Ophar Bizabani demonstrates women’s writing prowess

Double book launch
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Writes Chimeno Azriel

Two upcoming Kadoma-based female authors are set to launch their debut books in Kadoma this weekend in what will be the first-ever double book launch to be held in the mining town. The double book launch is expected to take place on the 9th of December 2023 at St Aidian’s Methodist church from 1800hrs to 1930hrs.

The double book launch is aimed at celebrating the Girl -Child and the two female writers said they have put everything together and are looking forward to the successful joint launch. They said that their books were worth having a copy of as the novels teach, inspire, and encourage everyone to appreciate the Zimbabwean Culture and to grow up in a proper and well-mannered way.

The Kadoma Herentals School teachers Susan Tembo and Ophar Bizabani are set to launch their debut books with the former launching an Anthology book NDURI DZENHAKA (a Shona poetry book) with the latter launching a collection of short stories YOUNG AND INNOCENT (a collection of short stories)

Speaking to the authors during the interviews, the talented young writers said they were looking forward to the amazing double book launch ever to happen in Kadoma, especially, since they are the Girl-Child.

Rich in Shona language, Susan Tembo said she was delighted to launch her book that is rich in Shona. She is expecting the book to be accepted by the people of Zimbabwe – young and old alike. The anthology tackles all the issues that deal with all the generations.

“I will be launching my debut book NDURI DZENHAKA and I am delighted that I have finally authored my book after I had been co-authoring with other writers. This book is a must-have copy as it tackles issues that affect the young and the old,” said Susan who is also a journalist.

Born and bred in Kadoma, Susan said she was inspired by the likes of veterans like Modekayi Hamutyinei and Aaron Chiundura Moyo when she was growing up.

A holder of a BA in History, Susan once featured in two Anthologies – Mafuro Manyoro, Ufuro Hwenduri (2017), and Hwatsvira Gwenhetembo (2019) and this coming book is her first individual work.

Published by Wordsmith, the book has 34 poems with themes such as love, inspiration, and death among other themes. The writer was inspired by how the youth are being affected by drug abuse hence the need to stop it, how women are viewed in society, and the need to empower them; as well as pandemics affecting Zimbabwe.

Ophar’s YOUNG AND INNOCENT: A Collection of Short Stories carries a social lesson on things affecting the young and the old.

Speaking to this writer, Ophar said she grew up with a passion for writing and after seeing what is affecting society, she came up with a collection of short stories.

“The book is a collection of short stories that carry social lessons on things that affect the young. It informs parents on how their words affect children, and the parents need to let children be children,” said Ophar.

She holds an Honours Degree in English and Communication.

“The book encourages socialisation of parents and extended families,” added Ophar who also holds a post-Graduate Diploma in Education.

“The stories also are littered with not-so-modern activities to appeal to older readers as they reminisce on their own childhood,” she added.

Since it is published by Wordsmith Publishers, the book has what it takes for all to read and it is a must-have copy.

Expected to grace the occasion are the City fathers, traditional Chiefs, and the who is who in the town of Kadoma.

“The books will be launched on 9 December at St Aidan’s Methodist Church in Kadoma from 18:00-19:30 and we invite you all, friends, family, and colleagues to come and support us. We are expecting to have city fathers and business people who have confirmed their attendance. We are looking forward to having Chief Ngezi and Chief Neuso in honor of our traditional leaders,” said Ophar.

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