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Judgement Yard dates Speedway Bar in Kadoma City

Judgement Yard

By Lovemore Chazingwa (News Correspondent)

Kadoma – With winter on the cusp and temperatures yo-yoing on the up and downside, trailblazing entertainment joint, Speedway Bar has primed for the new season dishing out a winter warmer jam session this Saturday (today).

Trendsetting outfit Judgement Yard comes to the somewhat entertainment starved city at the right time.     

Judgement Yard is no mean name in the arts industry. The ensemble has torched the entertainment space by storm, bringing into the fray a rare genre of music creativity much to the appreciation of the fan and critic alike.     

The duo has scaled great heights in its quest to quench the thirst of music lovers across the music divide.     

They have carved a style of their own, what with elegant dressing that matches international standards!     

It has managed to spin beats with their powerful voice overs that make you take a fresher look and taste at music from other stables.     

From Carpenter, Gambler, One more night to Bob Marley’s hits and contemporary uptempo tunes, the turntable masters have done justice to their way of dishing out spiced beats.     

Their confident voices in the ground coupled by well calculated infused beats help keep fans on their feet as well as sing along.     

Kadoma fans are in for a rare input on the entertainment menu, it sounds a must attend for the music aficionados.     

One music lover from the diverse Rimuka high density suburb Clifford Phiri had warm words for the weekend gig: ” This is a must go for me . I want to feel the beat at the venue and not wait for stories from those who would have attended. I’m a Judgement Yard fan and for them to come to our doorstep is sweet news.”     

The show is set to be one of the biggest gigs staged at the trendy venue in modern times.     

Fans from as far afield as Kwekwe to the south and Chegutu to the north of the city who usually descend on Speedway week in,  week out will have a show to digest for a long time to come if latest performances by the big brother on the entertainment scene are anything to go by.     

To spice up the highly anticipated show will be ripe and ready DJs Limoluv (Finest), Krazykay and Sclatter. The trio is known to match any competition and read into the mood in the venue at any given time. They always serve the best for any type of audience whenever they are behind those turntables.     

Whereas some like to take Judgement Yard for granted, the trio will not be tempted as doing so will be a big risk in showbiz.     

They must up their game since they are sharing the stage with guns that have blazed fields near and far. The main act’s well arranged discography and playlists leaves fans screaming for more.     

Show organisers promised nothing short of a memorable experience for their patrons: “We like to assure that this is one of those shows that will live in the minds of our patrons and music lovers for a long time. We have made sure all is in place to avoid any bit of hiccup. Our organizing team has worked flat out for the best so far this year,” quipped a member of the organizers that include Urban Entertainment and Speedway Promotions. 

Judgement Yard has toured around out of the country a number of times and are sure of what people clamour for.     

This winter warmer jam session is a chance for the main act to show what they are made of. In the same vein, supporting DJs should prove to the public that their inclusion is no fluke.   

“We’ve also rolled up our sleeves for this one because we know who is coming to town,” said one of the DJs.     

A resident who was spotted going through the winter warmer jam session poster was quizzed by this reporter on what she thinks about the show and had a short answer: “This one’s for me.”     

Speedway Bar is conveniently located an arms stretch from the CBD roughly 2km on the way toward Kwekwe along the  Bulawayo highway. It has proved to be a popular outing for families and colleagues due to its outdoor setting. It is a place for different occasions such as parties, get togethers and corporate functions.     

The venue is complete with secure parking and safe for individuals  too. With a high powered team of staff and essential products for that outdoor experience, one can never regret setting foot at Kadoma’s most sought after entertainment venue. It is suitable for any kind of weather and this winter is no exception. Let the music play on.

Speedway driver Boss Kizito says the show is one of the top-of-the-table gigs that fans deserve.

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