Junior Council in inaugural Harare Air Day

By Kundai Marunya

City of Harare (CoH) junior council is set to host the inaugural Harare Air Day at the Borrowdale Race Course on Saturday May 23.

The aimed at educating members of public on aviation, will run from morning till nightfall.

Addressing a press conference at Town House, Harare junior mayor Ebenezer Nobela said the main purpose of the air day is to educate people about the world of aviation.

“You often find kids shouting Ndege! Ndege! Ndege!, but have never really been in an  airplane, or all they know about aviation careers is the pilot or air hostess.

“The difference between an airshow and an air day is that the air day is meant to give up close and personal interaction with the aircraft and professionals that operate them. Therefore the airplanes will be static to give people access.”

Nobela said people will have access to micro-lights and helicopters with aviation experts on standby to answer any questions.

“We also have scheduled brief insightful aviation career guidance sessions by technicians in various sectors of the industry and aviation related exhibitions.”

The family event will be characterised by various activities that include aircraft exhibitions, talks on aviation careers, free kids entertainment and live music by seasoned musicians including Sulumani Chimbetu, Jah Prayzah, Extra Large and Mic Inity.

Money raised from the air day will be channelled towards drilling of boreholes in selected parts of the city to improve access of clean water while some of it will go towards the e-learning program in schools.

“We have several social responsibility programs in pursuit of our objectives that require financing.

“Our strategy for raising the necessary funding is teaming up with corporate organisations like ZTA , Air Zimbabwe, Swissjet Aviation Development Trust, Printworks , POSB and more still coming on board,” said Nobela.

The junior council is expecting a turnout of over 10,000 people including students, aviation fanatics, and members of the public.

Advance tickets which are pegged at five and three dollars for adults and kids above the age of five respectively are being sold by junior councillors from Harare, Chitungwiza, and Ruwa in their schools.

“Tickets are also being sold by Zimtickets online, Printworks, Faithwear, Maestro and selected Spar outlets,” said alderman Moses Mbimbi, who is responsible for junior council at CoH.

“We also have a Captains lounge were we have strategically invited ministers, CEOs, and other captains of industry to create a high-end exclusive networking lounge.

“In the bid to raise funds for charity the remaining 100 tickets for the Captains Lounge are being sold at $150 per person.”