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Kadoma Hotel and Conference Centre Solar Power Plant: Implementing renewable energy

Solar plant

The Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG) has demonstrated its commitment to providing renewable energy and implementing green initiatives when it installed a 300 KVA solar plant at the Kadoma Hotel and Conference Centre.

The solar plant generates 0.3 MW of solar power for the hotel and has become the main souce of power ahead of the national grid and the diesel-powered generator.

“We have completed a 300 KVA solar power plant here at the Kadoma Hotel and Conference Centre. The plant occupies 3000 square meters with 650 solar panels of 450 watts each. This is now the main source of power for the hotel with ZESA and the generator being back up. During the day when sunlight is abundant, the solar plant powers the whole hotel. Out of 300 KVA power, 200KVA is grid-tied and 100 KVA has storage capacity. This RTG investment is worth more than US$500 000,” Mr. Robson Chishanga, the General Manager of Kadoma Hotel and Conference Centre told Spiked Online Media during a tour of the solar power plant.

In her comments regarding the investment, Miss Winnie Muchanyuka, the Chief Executive of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) said investing in the national energy infrastructure is a positive step towards attaining sustainable tourism.

“A reliable supply of energy is critical for the attainment of Vision 2030 of achieving an upper-middle-income economy in which sustainable tourism plays a key role. Thus embracing green energy infrastructure projects is of paramount importance,” Miss Muchanyuka said.

Renewable energy, such as solar energy technologies has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, therefore, the investment is a strategy to address the adverse impacts of climate change.

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