KBiT Africa creates intelligent enterprises to improve people’s lives

By Joyce Mukucha and Patricia Mashiri

The Ministry of Information, Communication Technology and Cyber Security has welcomed Khusela Business Intelligence Technologies software company (KBiT) Africa in partnership with SAP Software Solutions in order to improve connectivity to transform citizens’ lives.

KBiT Africa seeks to create intelligent enterprises by reinventing business through innovation, value addition and creating simplicity.

Speaking on behalf of Supa Mandiwanzira, the Minister of ICT and Cyber Security recently, Engineer Samuel Kundishora the Permanent Secretary said his ministry was committed to creating an environment where both the public and private sectors could control digital technologies.

“When  it comes to private versus public              services, there has always been a spilt in terms of perception. The private sector is viewed as nimble, fast,    and productive.         Public services are often caricatured as slower,               less innovative,                 and less responsive. Meanwhile consumers, our             citizens, progressively     have been conditioned by modern technology to expect              high-quality, responsive services. After all, we use things such as cloud technology and on-demand online services in our daily lives and take them for granted.

“When  public    services                 fail to     deliver  an equally seamless experience,             it can     be frustrating. My ministry is committed to changing that narrative through introducing KBiT into the market. We are committed to creating an environment          where   both the public and         private sector can leverage digital technologies to                  help transform the lives of our  people,” Mandiwanzira said.

The minister said that Zimbabwe was the second largest            SAP market in Africa after South Africa. That is a                huge investment that the country has made to ensure that investment is fully realised. KBIT will provide quality services and solutions to the market.

Francesca Bahle Nxedhlana, the Chief Executive Officer of KBiT Africa, pointed out that her organisation is a SAP award winner and ran a business in Zimbabwe in response to the President’s mantra that Zimbabwe was open for business.

“The situation compels us to do play our part. What we want to see in Zimbabwe as a nation is a level playing field. Where there is competition, there is a customers who are going to push us to excellence. It is our responsibility to make and retain new customers. We believe that this is going to be a good story for Zimbabwe because it is also going to push down prices. This is time to move to with innovation,” she said.