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Lack of Youth Marketable Employment Skills: JW.ORG Offers Practical Resources

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As the United Nations made preparations for World Youth Skills Day on July 15, nearly three out of four young people aged 15 to 24 in 92 countries do not have the skills needed for employment, according to a 2022 report by the Education Commission and UNICEF.

A lesser-known, yet practical resource,, offers youths actionable advice for building marketable skills, seeking employment, and planning their future.

“I really appreciate the resources I’ve found on,” a young adult relates.

“As I prepare to look for work and build my skills, I’ve been able to consider many practical articles together with my parents to help me identify goals and priorities to build a secure future for myself and my family.”

Data indicates youths in low-income countries are least likely to gain access to skills needed for employment and decent work, the report states.

In addition, youths are facing a skills crisis, partly due to young people being out of school and challenges attaining secondary school skills.

The article, “How Can I Get (and Keep!) a Job?,” offers realistic guidance for young people and is one of many resources for youths found at, the most translated website in the world.

Some tips for young people preparing for work include:
• School—A Job-Training Ground
• Where to Find Jobs
• Persistence Pays Off
• Keeping Your Job
• Get Along With Coworkers
• Punctuality Is Important
• The Value of Honesty

“Youths in developing countries may find that subject choices and school options are extremely limited,” the article states. “Most fields, whether technical, commercial, or academic, require communication skills. So even if your school does not offer specific job training, work hard at becoming skilled in writing, speaking, and listening.”

The number of unemployed youths around the world was expected to reach 73 million, according to a report by Global Employment Trends for Youth 2022: Investing in transforming futures for young people. The pandemic and other labor market challenges are contributing to the rise in unemployment.

“With all that is happening in the world, it is vital that our young people around the world take advantage of as many resources as possible to help them prepare for the future,” states, Mr Kudakwashe Chikuvadze, a spokesperson for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Zimbabwe.

“Our website,, is an invaluable resource for families, with practical Bible-based advice for young people seeking guidance when it comes to setting goals, creating balance in their lives, and cultivating good qualities like patience, responsibility, and developing a strong work ethic.”

“Every week, we consider a different lesson with our children,” said one parent, who is a mother to three children.
“We enjoy considering lessons that focus on teaching young ones vital skills that include good communication, honesty, setting goals, working hard, and trying their best in school. As they grow older, we want them to be well-prepared to have the skills they need to have the best life ever.”

JW.ORG is the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The world’s most translated website,, has text, audio, and video content in over 1,075 languages—including 100 sign languages and 50 brailles.

People from all backgrounds, cultures, and faiths can find practical advice for modern living based on timeless principles found in the Bible.

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