Local authorities urged to abide by the law

By Patricia Mashiri

The Minister of Local Government, Rural Development and National Housing Saviour Kasukuwere has urged the District Administrators, Chief Executive Officers and Town Clerks to follow the government rules in serving communities.

He made the call at a meeting held in Harare on 13 October 2017 that was meant to reconnect and share ideas with local authorities on how to move on with developments in communities in favour of the law.

“Land should be distributed fairly and equally according to the law and all those who do not follow the rules should face tough penalties,” Kasukuwere said.

The state and the local authorities are mandated to distribute land according to the law and ensure that all laws are enforced. Kasukuwere said District Administrators should vigorously use levies and revenues to have tangible development.

“The local authorities have a duty to serve the community. As leaders, go and take the lead in government initiatives at all district levels,” Kasukuwere said.

Kasukuwere applauded the urban authorities for their efforts in implementing the laws and urged them to do some outreach programmes in rural setups to raise awareness on the importance of following laws.

The Minister urged local authorities to prioritise development ahead of programmes that lead to expenditure that takes a toll on their revenues.

“We should avoid chewing much more than we are giving to the society. We should be able to deliver the basics. Every one must embrace their positions and do what his /her job requires them to so that no one will be overburdened with other people’s work,” Kasukuwere said.

“Let’s work hand in hand with the Council to flush out chaos and dirty. Bus termini must be refurbished so that our country will be orderly,” Kasukuwere said.

The Minister said the Ministry of Environment must be helped in guarding veld fires through the civil protection unit.