“Masasi aChinoz” to provide humour to the people


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By Patricia Mashiri

Joseph Chinotimba, the Member of the House of Assembly for Buhera South Constituency will  be launching his book Masasi aChinoz on Friday 26 January 2018 which will provide humour and entertainment to Zimbabweans and the world at large.

The book includes Chinotimba’s  life history to date and some of his memorable jokes.The launch will feature artists like Romeo Gasa among others.

Chinotimba is well known for his jokes which are usually circulated on social media platforms. He announced that he will start acting soon and his fans must expext more jokes as he is planning to bring more ‘MASASI’ to the people.

“Im not bothered with what people say about me because im doing what I love most. People should expect more volumes to come on ‘Masasi aChinoz’ and comedies to follow.

“I look afer the disabled, less priviledged and orphans in my constituency so the money i expect from selling this book will help me with the upkeep of the disadvantaged group i have mentioned.

“This book will be a pain killer to all ages since it targets all ages. It will be translated to various languages so that it will cater for all people. It will also be availabe online for easy access to those who are outside the country or those who are hard to reach,” Chinotimba said.

The ambassador of happiness said  he is a comedian by nature. It is something which  was born within him. He called it talent and said when one is talented there is no need to nurture it will reveal itself naturally.

“I’m an MP with a difference. I know people of Buhera where I come from want me because I am extraordinary. I am a hard worker. I am free to everyone and I love the people whom I represent in Parliament,” Chinoz said.

Chinotimba said he believed that if people work together and help him distribute the work he is doing, he will be successful in reaching all the parts of the world. He pleaded with the journalists to spread the word about the book to everyone.

Chenjerai Mhondera, the author of the book “Masasi aChinoz” said he is a comedian by nature which dates back to his school days when he was still in Grade One.

“I remember I started making jokes and entertaining people when I was in Grade One. At that tender age, I started being the Master of Ceremonies at many events where I would entertain people.

“I wrote this book as part of paying tribute to the Honourable Member Joseph Chinotimba.We will be giving more to the public as time goes on,” Mhondera said.