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Masiyiwa salutes frontline healthcare workers in the Diaspora & in Africa

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Strive Masiyiwa, the African Union Special Envoy for COVID-19

Econet founder and Africa Union Special Envoy for COVID-19, philanthropist and businessman Strive Masiyiwa, has paid a stirring tribute to African frontline health professionals working in the Diaspora, as well as all healthcare workers serving on the African continent.

Writing on his popular Facebook blog, the businessman expresses his gratitude to the health professionals for their selfless sacrifice to humanity. 

Masiyiwa writes:

#Salute @DiasporaNation Healthcare Workers!

Many Africans working in the Diaspora in places like the UK, France, Belgium, The US, UAE, are highly skilled people who work in the health profession.

Whenever I have been to a hospital in the UK, as soon as they find out I’m in the hospital, they come out to greet me.

When my daughter was ill several years ago, I visited a hospital and all the doctors, and nurses from Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Gambia, Congo, Zimbabwe, Zambia — all came to greet me and give support.

That was just pure love!

Since COVID-19, my heart has been broken each time I hear about the death of a @DiasporaNation HealthCare Worker. And they have died in very large numbers, in service to Humanity!

If you are in @DiasporaNation, working in healthcare, I just want to say “I love you!” May the Angel of the Lord, whose I am, remember and protect you!

On Friday every week, I’m going to #Fast and pray for you all. You may not be able to join me, but someone on this platform will join me for you!

And by the way, this message is also for @HealthCare Workers in the Motherland (the Continent of Africa).

You are our ‘Armour Bearers’ against this disease.

You ALREADY know I love you, and every Friday is now my day of #Fasting and Prayer for Africa’s HealthCare Workers!

#God Bless you guys!

You Rock!

Strive Masiyiwa

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