Mental Health Advocate Vickie Maponga wins Women Changing the World Award


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Writes Chimeno Azriel

Television personality and Mental Health Advocate, Vickie Maponga, was recognized for championing health and well-being across the globe through her mental health awareness initiatives. Vickie won the coveted 2024 Women Changing the World Award held recently in the United States of America.

The Mental Health Advocate and Philanthropist won the prestigious Award for her contribution in championing Health and well-being issues in the World through her Mental Health awareness initiatives.

The seasoned and talented broadcaster outshined more than 30 other contestants from around the globe to land the prestigious Award. Various participants were vying for the Award but Vickie through her awareness and discussions through her informative platform, Another Chance, accumulated more votes than others and she was accorded the Best Women Changing the World Award for 2024.

The Women Changing the World Awards is a global awards program that recognises the work of women who are making a positive difference in the world across various fields such as sustainability, humanitarian work, leadership, and advocacy.

Vickie Maponga raised the Zimbabwe flag high when she banged the Woman Changing the World of the Year 2024 Award, much to the delight of Zimbabweans whose lives were changed positively by Vickie.

Speaking to the talented presenter, she said it was a huge surprise as there were so many vying for the award and she was the only Zimbabwean and it was like a dream. She said was deeply grateful to every person who voted for her. She continued by saying that a person can only become a winner because of the people who take the time to vote and she appreciated everyone who voted for her.

“It was a huge surprise. There were so many in this category and being the only Zimbabwean, I was positive to win the award. Up to now, it’s been like a dream come true, but I am deeply grateful to everyone who voted for me because one can only become a winner because of the people who take the time to vote. So I want to thank everyone, who voted for me. This is a big platform and being recognized on such a platform is humbling,” said Vickie.

She pointed out that winning the award would not move or change what she is doing to help those who seek advice but will continue with the way she has been helping people through her vision and plans.

“I have always been working hard when it comes to Mental Health Issues so I will not change any pace or gear as I will keep on going following the vision and plan I already have. So yes am grateful that the award came but it is about everyone knowing the importance of Mental Health,” said the champion.

Asked if she could one day have a book on Mental Health, Vickie said that she has a book on Mental Health issues and could have launched it but due to some logistics, she had to shelve it until the end of the year.

“I have written a book on Mental health already which I was hoping to launch on my birthday in May but due to circumstances beyond my control, I couldn’t. By year-end, the book will be out,” said Maponga.

Vickie dedicated the award to those who are suffering from and facing stigma and discrimination over mental health issues.

“I want to say that this Award is for you and I dedicate it to you. All I want to say is do not give up on life. I once suffered clinical depression, attempted suicide, and have been through a lot but there is no problem without a solution. I say to you, look for a trusted person to talk to and get your life back on track and please do not throw in the towel just as yet. Your life can change and your life can be a testimony, ” continued Vikie.