Mliswa Dismisses Mutsvangwa as Paranoid


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By Wisdom Mumera

Incumbent Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has rubbished as baseless allegations by Special Advisor to the President Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa that he has bribed the Norton police top hierarchy to side with him.

Mutsvangwa earlier this week accused Mliswa of having bribed police in Norton whilst also taking Chief Chivero into his corner.

The former Norton legislator said as a result the police now lacked impartiality in addressing his concerns and complaints whilst the Chief was now decampaigning him.

Hon Mliswa has however dismissed the allegations saying they carried substance only in so far as revealing Mutsvangwa’s increasing paranoia and fear about elections than as a fact.

“Mutsvangwa is increasingly getting fearful of the elections and is coming up with baseless allegations involving me bribing the police and even the Chiefs.”

“It’s astounding how a whole Presidential Special Advisor can come down that low to craft and even believe such paranoia.

“It’s a matter of him seeking shelter in the false comfort of a conspiracy against him whilst ignoring the cold facts of his being an unwanted political relic with nothing to offer the people of Norton,” added Mliswa.

Hon Mliswa added that it was actually Mutsvangwa’s habit to accuse the police of misconduct during elections.

“He wants to use the stature of his given government position to bully the police but he should know he is the advisor of the President and not of Norton,” he added.

Recently Mliswa and Mutsvangwa got caught up in a clash over the distribution of Social Welfare maize which the former has been pushing to be offered to villagers without payments for transport.

Mutsvangwa tried to bulldoze his way and hold a rally during the non-partisan distribution of the grain at Mutubva Farm but was thwarted when Mliswa arrived and dispersed the gathered people.

The maize was later distributed in the presence of the police without any political players available.

Mutsvangwa has increasingly found the going tough in the town after he previously removed boreholes and ambulances he had given to the town after losing elections previously.