Mnangagwa cannot go it alone in economic advancement: Busha

Joseph Busha

Joseph Busha, the President of FreeZim Congress (FZC) has said President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa and his party ZANU (PF) has no capacity to improve the economy on their own and offered himself and his party to play a role in the new government.


“I am technically equipped to advice the government on growing the Fiscus since I am an accomplished businessman with a presence in six African countries and also an expert in economics and financial matters,” Busha said.


Busha congratulated President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa and thanked Zimbabweans for voting in peace. He conveyed his condolences to the six people who lost lives in post-election violence and castigated some political leaders for inciting their supporters to engage in violence. He however, said the lack of resources by most of the smaller political parties made the electoral process unfair.


“The 30th of July 2018 election process was free but the whole thing will never be fair since we had no money to field candidates and second election agents. We were not able to campaign because of the lack of resources. The process was orderly. There were no skirmishes within polling agents,” Busha said.


He implored the incoming government to build the country for the betterment of Zimbabweans and said Zanu PF has failed to bring economic prosperity to the country in nearly four decades hence the need engage experts from outside the ruling party.


“The deals that we are told are being signed have yielded nothing. The same people cannot continue to attract overseas investment because there is no trust in the political leadership. As FreeZim Congress we are committed to building Zimbabwe. Corruption is the worst cancer in the country. The President should deal with Terrence Mukupe for manhandling his assistant for failing to give him allowances,” Busha said.


The politician-cum-businessman bemoaned the high unemployment that has seen the influx of vendors. He urged the government to move to a more organised business approach from the dominant informal economy that has seem most people living from hand to mouth.


“FZC is committed to playing a role in the development of the country. I know what doing business in the right way entails. Economic freedom and social development depend on peace. Peace begins with all of us for progress to take place. If we had peace in Africa, Africans would not be drowning in the Mediterranean trying to cross to Europe. African leaders should create the environment for peace, social and economic development so that our people won’t be statistics of those drowning.”


He reiterated that Africa is endowed with natural resources including land and minerals. While land is abundant, Busha decried the fact that those given land were converting it for residential purposes.


“Land should be used productively for domestic consumption and export. Land used for horticulture is now being turned into residential areas. Government should expropriate unproductive farms.”


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Byron Adonis Mutingwende