Music artist appeals for financial support

By Patricia Mashiri

A controversial young Zimdancehall upcoming artist who goes by the name Tifa real name Tafadzwa Mufanebadza is pleading to Zimbabweans to support local musicians to grow their careers at home and internationally.

Despite starting music at a tender age, Tifa has managed to set the scene ablaze with a series of singles and an album “Ndozvatoita” with 11 tracks he released early this year with the help of his promoter Mr Ndoro from Chitungwiza.

“I started music when I was in form three at Dewure High School in Gutu with the help of my friends. I remember I used to write my lyrics in my auto book and also in some of my school work books which always landec me in trouble with my teachers,’ said Tifa.

“My teachers always advised me to leave the music career since they regarded it as a career for people who are not learned and they said I would fail my Ordinary level studies but to their surprised I passed both my Ordinary level and Advanced level well,” Tifa said.

Born to a Christian family, it was hard for Tafadzwa’s parents to support the genre of music, which he had chosen but that could not stop him since one of his brothers Tapiwa supported him.

“Freeman is my role model and my everyday prayer to the Lord is that I will get the chance to have a collaboration with him and I wish to be an international Zimdancehall artist and I know through hard work I will reach the top,” said Tifa.

“The music industry is tough because it is hard to recognised since there are many musicians especially in the Zimdancehall genre but one should not lose hope. Hard work and perseverance is all that is needed. Therefore, my message to those who want to be in the music career is that they should not hesitate or fear competition,” Tifa said

Tifa is appealing to well wishers to support him financially in his new project. He urged Zimbabweans to tap into local music for talent.