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By Patricia Mashiri and Joyce Mukucha

Finally the controversial Naija musician David Adedeji Adeleke popularly known as Davido has landed today for the forthcoming Saturday 30 Billion Dollar Concert.

The musician has failed to come to Zimbabwe twice following many controversial incidents some of them which were related to murder of some of his band members. He refused such allegations as he pointed out that he is a Christian who does not believe in killing for ritual purposes.

Davido said he failed to come because of situations which were beyond his control. This time Genius Kadungure ‘Ginimbi’ has made it in bringing the much-awaited for man, Davido, to Zimbabwe.

The Nigerian artist is promising Zimbabweans a great show since he has missed two dates already. He came with almost all members from his band to compensate for the previous no-show.

“I have missed two dates because of situations which were beyond my control. This is why I came two days before the show to convince people that I’m here for business. This show is going to be lit as I bring six of my band members. Usually I travel with my Dj only.

“To Zimbabweans and all my fans, I promise that this is going to be a great show. Earlier this year, I spoke to Ginimbi as I was planning to make this show a success. I told myself that before I perform in any country of the Southern African region, I had to come to Zimbabwe and showcase my talent,” he said.

Asked about the main message in his songs which is love, Davido said he was the last born in a family of five. Women were the only people sounding in his tracks. He also has two daughters. He said he wants to uplift women and make them feel beautiful and unique.

His last message to all the upcoming African artists was that they needed to believe in themselves and be original which would help them achieve their goals in the music industry.

The show will be followed by one of Zimbabwe’s music legends Dr Thomas Mapfumo popularly known as ‘Gandanga’. Mapfumo has not been in the country for a long time and is going to perform on the 28th of April 2018.