NBSZ, NetOne partnership to sustain lives through blood donations

By Byron Mutingwende


As the partnership between NetOne and Blood Services Zimbabwe (NBSZ) continues, lives would be saved through blood donations to people in need of that vital product.


Mr. Lazarus Muchenje, the Chief Executive Officer of NetOne, speaking on the occasion where his company solidified its partnership with NBSZ by donating $25 000 towards life-saving initiative said the gesture was in line with the 2018 theme that says, “Blood donation as an action of solidarity.”


NBSZ is always one such important organisation. This 2018 partnership marks the 12th year of NetOne’s continuous support to National Blood Services Zimbabwe. This partnership started in 2006 and we are proud to have walked this journey all the years.


“ Blood donors save lives every day through their blood donations; in every second around the world, there is a person who needs blood transfusion to survive,” Muchenje said.


Lucy Marowa, the NBSZ Chief Executive officer expressed her gratitude towards the NetOne donation which she said would go a long way in making her organisation fulfil its mandate of saving lives by giving blood to patients who need it.


“NetOne is spearheading the #BetheOne Campaign that primarily targets the youths who constitute 78 percent of the total blood donors. Their donation will go a long way in helping us achieve our mandate. I also call upon the adults to up the game. NetOne has stood with NBSZ since 2006 and have in the past donated a caravan that we use as a mobile clinic that is currently at Joina City in Harare CBD.


“They have also consistently supported the World Blood Day which is held on the 14th of June every year and NetOne has become synonymous with this important calendar day. We look forward to their support during our celebrations this year to be held in Gweru. Mr. Muchenje understands the functionality of the blood cause and such a move by NetOne will held us reduce the price of the blood that is currently set at $50 per tube. In turn, we know how to keep the donated blood safe for the patients. Words will never be sufficient to express my gratitude to the NetOne financial assistance towards this worthy cause,” Marowa said.


Mrs Farai Mpofu, a senior blood donor who has donated blood since the 1980s hailed NetOne’s renewed commitment towards supporting the NBSZ. She said while the youths, particularly school-going children were the major blood donors, there was need for adults to follow suit.


“There should be a conscious altruism to save lives. I liked the empathy, professionalism and care by NetOne and the staff running the mobile units to collect blood on behalf of NBSZ. Other corporates should replicate NeOne’s way of doing business.


“There are benefits of being a blood donor. Through donating blood, one has a better appreciation of own wellness. For example it is not allowed to take oily food immediately before donating blood. Members of my family can freely access blood because I am a known long-time donor. When my father needed blood, I simply filled forms as a formality and he accessed it freely. I urge other corporates to support the blood cause in line with their peculiar values,” Mrs Mpofu said.


Major General (Dr) Gerald Gwinji, the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Child and Health Care, speaking in a recorded voice from Geneva where he is attending the World Health Organisation Assembly thanked NetOne for its generous donation that will contribute immensely to the good health of the citizens.


In every country, surgery, trauma, severe anaemia and complications of pregnancy are among the clinical conditions that demand blood transfusions.


NetOne is playing its part not only financially, but by creating a voluntary blood donation culture in all its staff members. Internal campaigns are already on the cards.


“This year as NetOne we are contributing $25 000 towards the NBSZ blood donation initiatives. Beyond the figure, we are partnering them in every step as they carry out their campaigns. Every school that they visit, NetOne shall be by their side rewarding schools that donate the most blood. I urge other corporates to ensure that the national blood bank is always adequately stocked. As NetOne, we shall always be there for the people of Zimbabwe, “ Mr Muchenje added.