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Nedbank bankrolls competent Netball Premier League

Ms Latifa Kassim, Nedbank Executive Head of Treasury

Leading financial services giant, Nedbank, has bankrolled the Premier Netball League (PNL) that has had a successful season.

In her keynote address at the awards ceremony to recognise outstanding players this season, Ms Latifa Kassim, the Executive Head of Treasury at Nebank Zimbabwe said the event is meant to celebrate spectacular sports personalities who have excelled in the just-ended season.

“The Premier Netball League started off with 20 teams. Unfortunately, one team failed to make it to the end of the season. However, those teams that remained in the league played a cutthroat game to the very last game. Testament to this is the girls’ performance at the World Cup games in Cape Town where we saw them topping the World Cup statistics leaderboard, and the recently ended Africa Nations Cup in Botswana where the girls succeeded and won bronze. Well done to the ladies!

“The PNL games serve to provide a platform where real talent can be identified and further nurtured so that these women can have the opportunity to find value in the sport as they can make a living out of it. As Nedbank, we are proud to have been a part of the PNL and ZINA journey this year. We have shared in your joys, anxieties, triumphs, and challenges realising that money can indeed be seen differently because it can be used to positively impact society,” Ms. Kassim said.

As Money Experts who do good, Nedbank pledged to create sustainable partnerships and hopes that the PNL has benefited from this relationship.

Nedbank is working on nurturing the ladies in Netball to use the game to help build their confidence, and independence and improve their livelihoods.

“We encourage the young women to remain resilient and steadfast in improving themselves, find ways to contribute to GDP, and stay away from drugs and abusive situations. I urge all women athletes to support and encourage each other to do better. You cannot control how the other gender treats you but you can determine the trajectory of your life by making the right decisions now and empowering yourself.

“I would expect all athletes and technical teams in the PNL to be financially literate or are at least making use of this partnership with Nedbank to gain the necessary financial literacy which serves as another powerful tool for emancipation.   As Nedbank, we stand ready to capacity build and will be scheduling workshops to help females in sport,” she added.

Sarudzai Chapo, the Chairperson of the Premier Netball League said the level of commitment and competition witnessed in the last season speaks for itself as the fraternity celebrates deserving award winners in all various categories made possible by Nedbank Zimbabwe and the various partners who graced the awards ceremony.

“Had it not been for the faith you have shown in the female athletes, we would not have been here today. The journey we have travelled as a league is amazing, to say the least, and the future looks brighter with each passing day. Our dream as a league is to reach out to every female netballer from every corner of the country because netball is a unifier and can change lives. I believe in the possibilities and vast opportunities that lie in this beautiful game. l believe in the honest discharge of administration that l have associated myself with, with the rest of the clubs.

“As a formidable team, we can change lives as l have witnessed with the Director of FilChrist Boarding through the scholarships he offers at his school. In our varying and peculiar ways, the complexion of this game can be changed for the best with the abling support and funding from Nedbank Zimbabwe who even made it possible for the teams can dress and enjoy refreshments at each game,” Chapo said.

Edward Sadomba, a Zimbabwe National Football Team legend thanked Nedbank for the good gestures of good corporate social

Sadomba encouraged NPL members to work hard to excel in their sporting discipline. He said the sky is the limit and pledged to offer his support in ensuring that netball reaches greater heights as a sport that unites communities and change the economic fortunes of women players.

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