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Netone customers all smiles as upgrades brought enhanced experience


The growing customers of leading state-owned mobile telephony company NetOne have hailed the telecommunication giant for its recent system upgrade that has led to an enhanced user experience.

Roseline Chisveto, the NetOne Head of Marketing and Public Relations attributed the success to a number of deliberate measures taken by the mobile telephony company that gives priority to customer satisfaction.

“As part of our modus operandi, NetOne aims to offer ubiquitous telecommunication services as we seek to offer our customers a quality and uninterrupted network, quality distribution of services, and a quality contact centre. That’s why we had to undergo the necessary network upgrade but we sincerely regret the inconvenience that our customers suffered during this important exercise.

“NetOne wishes to advise our customers that the system upgrade is complete and normal service has been restored. We thank you for your continued support,” Chisveto said.

Brenda Chuma, a NetOne subscriber, in an interview with this publication, said the restoration of full services by the mobile telephony services provider is a welcome development.

“In our area of Chikuku in Bikita, we have connectivity from other leading mobile telephony services providers but many times the network is interrupted due to incessant power cuts. When that happens, Netone provides relief and alternatives since their network is available even when there are power cuts. We appeal to our reliable service provider to put a NetOne booster in our area since we rely on a booster in Birchenough Bridge in order to complete the equation,” Chuma said.

With the full restoration of the network, John Kasoro from Chitungwiza, a designer by profession, said the Netone network upgrade had resulted in the speed of browsing the Internet.

“I use NetOne for data. I am enjoying the LTE network here at Makoni Shopping Centre in Chitungwiza. As a designer, I have to keep up with the pace of new developments in digital technologies on the Internet so that I come up with high-end designs for my customers across the business spectrum. We rely on fast and efficient data provided by NetOne to download various applications we use in the designing job,” Kasoro said.

Geoffrey Macharangwanda from Muzokomba area in Buhera District, also hailed the Netone system upgrade and said it is one of the most reliable networks in rural areas.


“NetOne makes it possible for some of us in rural areas to keep in touch with our friends and relatives in urban areas and in the Diaspora. Its OneMoney flagship mobile financial services provider also makes it possible for us to receive money. We can travel to Murambinda or Birchenough Bridge for cash out services. As a result, our parents get money to take their maize to the grinding mill or to buy chemicals for their livestock,” Macharangwanda said.





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