NetOne launches game-changer electronic top-up platform

Despite the debilitating effects of COVID-19, NetOne is continuing to offer communication solutions as evidenced by its recent launch of a virtual airtime buying, selling, and distribution platform.

NetOne Acting Chief Commercial Officer Mr. Nyaradzai Shoko, speaking yesterday at the Zone One Dealer Appreciation Cocktail that coincided with the update on the launch of the virtual airtime platform using USSD code *519#, emphasised his company’s commitment to offering innovative solutions in difficult times.

“Thanks to COVID 19, both businesses and individuals have had to endure many uncommon challenges. Life as we knew it changed drastically and those changes forced us to answer the question – how do we adapt in such a rapidly changing world? How do we stay relevant? How do we continue to provide solutions to our customers in a way that makes business sense?

“At NetOne, we have always understood that our ability to offer value to our customers depends on the quality of the partners we have,” Mr. Shoko said.

He said dealers and partners collaborated in making sure Netone snatched market and revenue share away from its competitors resulting in the Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (POTRAZ) adjudging it as the only mobile network in Zimbabwe to have recorded growth in the year 2020. 

Mr. Shoko said NetOne is moving in the right direction by taking customers from competitors hence the need to provide solutions to the communication problems they have.

“How do we add value “imo muCOVID muno”. Ladies and gentlemen, the answer to that question is *519#. This is a platform that allows you to sell or buy airtime from wherever you are. Imagine being able to access a limitless supply of airtime for sale?

“Think of a scenario where it doesn’t matter if you have a mbudzi phone or a smartphone where you can virtually distribute airtime to your vendor network saving yourself, time, fuel, energy, and money. Imagine earning a discount simply because you have bought airtime to sell. These are just a few of the advantages that *519# has to offer,” Mr. Shoko added.

The world is changing fast, and technology is a tool that will drive that change. With *519# NetOne is offering the technology of the future today.

Mr. Shepard Muyutu, NetOne Zone One Commander said the electronic top-up service brings about great convenience as airtime can now be moved 24/7 thus greatly reducing stock-outs.

“What this clearly shows is that NetOne has largely gone paperless. Meaning you can now Do more, Do better, With less.

“This service is also being used by the business to prepare for the future. The world is evolving towards environmentally friendly business practices, and NetOne fully intends to stand up and be counted in such endeavours,” Mr. Muyutu said.

E-Top up is now the turnkey solution towards keeping the environment clean by going paperless.

NetOne also took into account some of the contributions made by all stakeholders in the development of the E-Top up solution.

NetOne ensured there are no charges when sending float (airtime) to other dealers or vendors or on a vendor to vendor transfers. What is sent is what is received and sold.

In any business, the key is to improve the bottom line to ensure that the business remains a going concern. To that end, NetOne introduced a discount of 11% with a minimum order quantity valued at only ZWL1,000. This clearly shows that the service is for everyone.

This promotion will run until February of next year and has already started giving away rewards to the more than 300,000 lucky subscribers who will win.

NetOne has already created a support network to ensure that the transactions are flawless. Mr. Muyutu said challenges were experienced at inception but these have been addressed and efficiency has been restored.

He reiterated that NetOne will continue to improve the platform in line with any other suggestions from key stakeholders. There will be continuous improvements on the platform.