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NetOne Network Upgrade: commitment to delivering top-tier services to customers

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NetOne Cellular Pvt Ltd has demonstrated steadfast commitment to delivering top-tier services to customers in Zimbabwe and beyond by upgrading its network.
“Upheld by our core values of Accountability, Agility, Innovation, Integrity, and Excellence, we continuously strive to address everyday challenges faced by our customers with innovative solutions. In line with this dedication, we are currently undergoing a substantial network upgrade aimed at consistently delivering exceptional service.
“This ongoing upgrade is poised to revolutionize our network infrastructure, resulting in a marked enhancement of both data and voice services for our esteemed customers. While we anticipate these improvements will significantly elevate the customer experience, we acknowledge that during this transition, intermittent service disruptions may occur. Rest assured, our dedicated team of engineers is diligently ensuring a smooth and expedited transition for all our valued customers,” a statement by the mobile telephony giant released today says.
The upgrade is expected to reach completion by December 30, 2023, marking a milestone in NetOne’s commitment to providing unparalleled service.
NetOne extended its heartfelt gratitude to our customers for their unwavering patience and support throughout the pivotal network enhancement. It said customers’ loyalty is paramount as the company endeavours to elevate the communication experience to new heights.

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