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NetOne presents computers to National Blood Services Zimbabwe winners

Dr Eldrette Shereni

NetOne, one of the leading telephony companies, has presented computers to National Blood Services Zimbabwe winners at a colourful ceremolny at Mutenderende High School in Chirumanzu.

In a speech read on his behalf by Dr, Eldrette Shereni, the Netone Marketing and Public Executive, the NetOne Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr Nkosinathi Ncube said his organisation was proud to be associated with the noble cause of donating blood

“It is my great honour and pleasure to be here today in Chirumanzu. We made a pledge that we would support the school that contributed the most blood at national level and we are happy to be here at Mutenderende High School.

“As the ONE with the people at heart, NetOne remains committed to providing support to life – saving institutions and our values resonate with this year’s theme, which says, “Blood donation as an action of solidarity,” Mr Ncube said.

NetOne has been in partnership with National Blood Services Zimbabwe for over 12 years now.

This partnership started in 2006 and NetOne is proud to have walked this journey all the years.

Blood donors save lives every day through their blood donations; in every second around the world, there is a person who needs a blood transfusion to survive.

In every country, surgery, trauma, severe anaemia and complications of pregnancy are among the clinical conditions that demand blood transfusion.

“As NetOne, we are here to honour Mutenderende High School for actively supporting the national cause of adequately stocking the national blood bank.

“With the scrapping of blood fees at national hospitals by the government, the demand for blood has surely gone up. I urge you to continue doing the good works that you have been doing. Many lives have been saved by your generosity,” he said.

NetOne thanked the winners and presented to them five (5) state of the art laptops.

“As one of the leading organisations in the ICT industry, it is our wish that you also become part of the ICT community as we strive to ensure inclusivity.

“I urge other corporates to come on board to ensure that the national blood bank is always adequately stocked. To the other schools around the nation, do not despair in your good deeds, continue soaring high and your turn to be recognised shall come. As NetOne, we shall always be there for the people of Zimbabwe. I conclude by saying the NetOne slogan for this year, #BetheOne.”

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