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New EMA Board Announced


By Tatenda Mujeyi

The Minister of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Senator Priscilla Mupfumira has announced a new ten-member board for the Environmental Management Agency (EMA).

The announcement comes after the expiration of the previous board’s term and the current board will serve a 5-year term.

The announcement followed President ED Mnangagwa’s approval and was made at the ministry’s board room at Mukwati building.

The 10-member board comprises players from various fields with the Chairperson being a former Zimbabwean Ambassador to Canada.

Other members include ZANU PF legislator Christopher Chitindi, Vice Chaiperson, former CIO Director General, Nickel Mushangwe, Juliet Chiketa a member of the past board and wife of former ambassador Stephen Chiketa.

Sheila Sidambe a former POTRAZ board member, Harare Lawyer Tinofara Hove, Leon Muwoni a former labour and Social services employee, Businessman Irvine Kunene and Abraham Matiza constitute the board.

The board should moderate EMA’s operations in safeguarding the environment through enacting it’s constitutional mandate and instituting professionalism.

“It is my expectation that this board will deliver it’s mandate with the utmost professionalism and integrity,” Minister Mupfumira said.

The board members, on acceptance, reiterated their vision to safeguarding the environment as potentially curbing the effects of global warming, pollution and wetlands protection.

The agency plays a key role in ensuring the livelihoods of both present and future generations of Zimbabwe are protected and enhanced.

The incoming  board chairperson of the EMA Board expressed appreciation to being considered and promised to serve to meet broad Government expectations.

“I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for the faith that you have placed in me to become the chairperson of the board and hope that this is the beginning of a fruitful and mutually fulfilling journey.”

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