New Laws to Govern Residential Stands Allocation Procedures in Harare


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By Staff Reporter

The capital city will lead efforts aimed at attracting investment in the country, the Minister of State for Harare Metropolitan Province Honourable Oliver Chidau has said. In that regard, Harare City will implement laws which will govern proper procedures for those who want residential stands and those who allocate them.

Hon Chidau made the statement after realising the disorderliness by land barons in allocating land to prospective land owners.

He indicated that it was of paramount importance for residents to take into account their representatives and ensure that they are properly executing the expected duties in a rightful manner.

Honourable Chidau bemoaned the fact that councilors and city officials were now taking power into their own hands and abusing it by depriving residents the services they deserve.

“This year, it’s going to be a different year as we are going to implement law and order so that we attract investment. I’m waiting for a report from my Provincial Development Coordinator concerning all those who are allocating stands, and car sales among others in a disorderly order. We are going to flush out these malcontents.

“Most of the clandestine allocations were done by city officials and councillors who were taking power into their own hands. We want order,” he said.

Hon Chidau encouraged residents to fully participate in civic affairs so as to avoid challenges like these.

“The residents play a very important role and they must participate in civic affairs. You must ensure that all of you participate but sometimes, these affairs are left to people who have other intentions other than serving people. That’s why we have the current situation where the land barons have taken over and the citizens just sit on the sidelines and watch.”

The challenges are emanating from collapsed service delivery by the council. It’s regrettable that certain people are collecting council revenue and diverting it for personal aggrandisement.