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Nigel Ruzario elected new Kadoma Mayor

Nigel Ruzario, newly-elected Mayor of Kadoma

Writes Chimeno Azriel

Newly elected Kadoma Urban Ward 15 Councillor, Nigel Ruzario of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) was on Tuesday sworn in as the new mayor of the municipality whilst Michael Mvula (Ward 8 ) will deputise him for the next 5 years.

Both Councillors are of the same party. Councillors Rozario and Mvula were nominated unopposed when the Councillors met at the City’s Town Chamber House to elect the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and committees.

During the swearing-in occasion, Clr Ruzario promised to adopt a non-partisan approach in executing his duties but admitted this would be a tall order claiming that performing his expected duties would be restrained by lack of some powers.

“I will adopt a non-partisan approach in carrying my duties and I know it will be difficult due to lack of powers but I will make sure that residents get their deserved services,” said Ruzario.

Most of the new Kadoma City councillors are new kids on the block, coming at a time when residents have accused the opposition parties of running down the once-thriving city. Under the opposition leadership, corruption has become rife in Kadoma amid deteriorating service delivery.

Over the years, the opposition-run council has struggled to provide adequate water supplies, suffered sewer burst pipes, and failed to effectively manage refuse collection. The incoming Councillors have the mammoth task of tackling these issues.

The incoming Kadoma City Mayor in his acceptance speech, said that he felt honoured to be elected as the Mayor and thanked his predecessor who served the previous term with diligence.

“I feel very much honoured and I’m humbled by your decision to elect me as the Mayor of the city of Kadoma. I would like to appreciate and thank my predecessor who served the previous term with diligence.

“The time has come for all of us to assume responsibility, roll up our sleeves and serve our people, working with our communities in making their lives better and develop our city to be amongst the best in Zimbabwe, Ruzario said.

The Mayor said that they are going to serve the communities and provide services which were lacking from the previous teams.

“We made commitments to our communities that we shall serve them and provide a service that will be appreciated. If we are to provide such a service, we must change the image and culture of the institution. Secondly, if we must attain the title of an effective organisation, a lot in terms of how we do things must change and our priority be a decent and efficient service to our communities. It will be required from all councillors and council officials to commit to the change of culture and image of our city so as to achieve our vision of being a smart service sanctuary by 2030.

“Kadoma City Council can no longer afford to have dirty streets, unmaintained cemeteries, and unmaintained open spaces that are dangerous to the citizens. Unattended complaints from our communities on water and sewerage spills, and the non-collection of refuse will be a thing of the pas” said the new Mayor in an interview.

He promised the provision of water to all residents, roads maintenance, building of access roads in communities without roads, paving of streets, cleaning and maintenance of stormwater drainage, partnership with stakeholders and establishment of sustainable fora of engagement with various stakeholders.

He also promised good governance by dealing with cases of corruption, strengthening administration and attainment of clean audit outcomes.

The expansion of the city will be through establishment of new settlements by providing affordable stands to the citizens.

Also accepting the Deputy Mayor’s post, Councillor Michael Mvula promised to work for residents who elected them and to work as a team in order to achieve the targeted goals.

“I would like to appreciate with honour and respect the position l was appointed as a Deputy Mayor of Kadoma which is the only City in Mashonaland. Together we will serve and improve our City,” said Mvula.

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