Night of Wonders: A Remarkable Event of Faith and Transformation


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Writes Alois Mamutse
The Night of Wonders held by Prophet Passion Java on the 9th of May 2024 at the National Sports Stadium was truly a night to remember. With over 3000 people giving their lives to Christ, it is clear that the event lived up to its billing. The most important thing about events like this is not the number of attendees, but the number of souls that are saved and transformed.
Two years ago, Apostle B. Java and Pastor Memory Matimbire managed to pull over 60,000 people in the National Sports Stadium. This was possible because they have many assemblies in Zimbabwe. Though Prophet Passion has no assemblies in Zimbabwe, he managed to pull a prodigious crowd, and the National Sports Stadium was half full as more than 30,000 were in the stadium after 8 pm.
Investigations have revealed that there was sabotage by some senior prophets and other politicians who paid people and threatened some not to attend the Night of Wonders. Two popular prophets are alleged to have paid grassroots leaders to sabotage the event. However, Chitungwiza pastors, rural chiefs, and ZANU leaders like Mike Chimombe came and supported him.
These same popular prophets are alleged to have paid Tinashe Chokubata and Jay Israel to lie that it was Prophet Passion’s elder brother, Apostle B Java’s crusade and that about 600 wheelchairs were bought to fake healing. They are now abusing the Apostle B. Java as they continue with their misrepresentation of facts.
As if it was not enough, one of the two popular prophets has roped in a local journalist to a news article attacking Apostle B. Java.
Amidst this remarkable tapestry of faith, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) pastors from Chitungwiza emerged as the unsung heroes. With unwavering dedication to the cause, 500 pastors from Chitungwiza rallied together, forming a united front in their mission to spread the message of Christ. Their tireless efforts and selfless commitment deserve the highest commendation.
However, amidst the radiance of this extraordinary night, a shadow of misinformation and disinformation looms. Some individuals, driven by their agendas, have chosen to cling to outdated images of Apostle B. Java’s past sermons, negating the reality of the recent event. Apostle B. Java is Prophet Passion Java’s brother. These images, showcasing a momentarily sparse crowd, fail to capture the full essence and magnitude of the Night of Wonders. It is crucial to remember that the true essence of this gathering is not to chase numbers or entertain false narratives but to bring lost souls home and witness their rebirth in Christ.
Yet, beyond the numbers lies a deeper truth. It is the profound transformation of souls that truly matters in gatherings like these. The Night of Wonders surpassed all expectations by igniting a spiritual fire within the hearts of those who attended, forever altering their paths.
Nevertheless, the images of the Night of Wonders, which show a sparse crowd, were taken early before the majority of attendees arrived. It is important to remember that the true purpose of the Night of Wonders is to bring people to Christ and see them born again, not to focus on numbers or false narratives.
In times like these, unity becomes our greatest strength. As a community, let us rise above the noise of misinformation and stand together in spreading love and positivity, just as the teachings of the Bible guide us. Instead of being entangled in the web of falsehoods, let us focus on the awe-inspiring work being done to lead souls to Christ. The Night of Wonders stands as an indelible testament to the unyielding power of faith and the profound significance of sharing the message of love and salvation.