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No heroism without economic empowerment for all: EEG

The tom of the unknown soldiers at Heroes' Acre

By Elvis Dumba

Chinhoyi – Real heroism should come with opportunities for economic emancipation for all Zimbabweans as this will guarantee peace and unity amongst the citizenry, the National Secretary General of The Economic Empowerment Group (EEG), Clifford Hlupeko said.

Speaking to this publication on the sidelines of Hero’s Day commemorations held at Chinhoyi Provincial Heroes Shrine, Hlupeko said there is no country that can guarantee peace and stability if the economy is in the hands of a few people.

“We should not forget the reason why today we honour and remember the gallant sons and daughters who took it upon themselves to fight in the liberation struggle. The main reason was that we had to be independent but being free without being economically empowered will open room to be under oppression from those who hold wealth so as Economic Empowerment Group, we are advocating that every Zimbabwean no matter their background,  need to be empowered economically,” he said.

Hlupeko said his organisation is working in ensuring that every person gets a fair share from government economic empowerment programmes.

“Government has availed a lot of programmes that seek to economically empower Zimbabweans from all walks of life. We want to see that every person has been offered a fair share to enjoy and be empowered to create their own wealth whilst helping develop our country as per the wishes of both our fallen and living heroes,” he said.

The Economic Empowerment Group is working on various empowerment projects for women, youths, and people with disabilities through business financing as well as synergies with financial institutions and government departments to foster an economically empowered community.

“We need to create an economically empowered community for every sector – whether you are a farmer, journalist, or teacher. You have to get a chance to enjoy your part from the vast wealth resources of our country and that way, we are guaranteed of peace and unity which was brought through the selfless dedication of our heroes” he added.

Hlupeko urged young people to be hands-on in activities that help them develop economically and desist from ill vices such as drug and substance abuse. EEG is carrying out drug abuse awareness and rehabilitation programmes.

Founding President of Economic Empowerment Group, Mike Chimombe said the people of Zimbabwe hold the key to their destiny.

“We have to build our own future through ensuring that we are empowered. An empowered person can chart the future he wants and our President Emmerson Mnangagwa, together with other fallen and living heroes, needs us to continue and fulfill the aspirations of those who died to liberate this country so that we enjoy the country’s economic fruits,” he said.

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