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Norton Leaf Tobacco providing farmer-friendly services

Mr. Richard Machingura (L) with his workmate in one of Norton Leaf Tobacco clients' field in Manicaland

One of the leading golden leaf players in the country, Norton Tobacco is proving to be the missing link that farmers need to succeed.

Riding on its unique product offers, Norton Leaf Tobacco is providing tobacco farmers with essential farming inputs each and every season.

Speaking to this publication, Mr. Richard Machingura, the Norton Leaf Tobacco Head of Operations and Agronomy said his company’s approach is people-centred hence the good farmer-company relations.

“For farmers to be successful, they need someone top hold their hands when it comes to providing them with what they need at the proper time and place. In this regard, we are always there on time for our farmers with inputs and agronomical services.

“These include fertilisers, chemicals, seeds and at times cash for labour. We enter into arrangements with the farmers every season where they join our input credit scheme. Our contracts with the farmers are renewable annually in accordance with the requirements stipulated by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board,” Mr. Machingura said.

Spiked Online Media recently visited the Headlands Communal areas in Manicaland and caught up with Mrs. Wadzanai Makarutse who showered praises to the Norton Leaf Tobacco Company for its excellent services.

“I am very grateful to the Norton Leaf Tobacco Company for coming to our rescue with relevant inputs and agronomical services. Ahead of the 2019 farming season, I faced serious financial dire straits to the extent that I could even afford to buy a mere seedbed package but thanks to the Norton Leaf Tobacco input scheme, I managed to get what I required on credit and produced enough product to repay the credit and meet my other needs like drilling a borehole and sending my children to school,” Mrs. Marutse said.

With the borehole in place, Mrs. Makarutse now affords to expand the tobacco hectarage and have an early plant since water is a critical requirement in the growing of the crop.

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