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NTDA partners Tehilar Christian Network on anti-litter campaign


By Byron Mutingwende


The National Transport Drivers Association ((NTDA) has partnered the Tehilar Christian Network on the noble anti-litter initiative being spearheaded by First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa.


Following a meeting of church leaders under the banner of Tehilar Christian Network at Zimbabwe House with the First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa, the religious fraternity put weight behind the nationwide clean-up campaign to guard against the outbreak of diseases in cities and towns.


“Tehilar Christian Network is currently mobilising churches and urban communities in collaboration with some legislators and councillors as well as the National Transport Drivers Association in educating drivers, commuters, and transport operators on the importance of keeping a clean environment,” said Reverend Sam Malunga, the Founder and President of the Tehilar Christian Network.


In an interview with Spiked Online Media, Jotina Matanhire, the NTDA Founding President said the initiative is relevant to transport operators and commuters because cleanliness is important in any places where people meet in large numbers.


“There are some contagious diseases like cholera which can be transmitted when users of public transport share contaminated food like fruits and vegetables. As the association in charge of drivers nationwide, we educate our members to practice hygiene all the time.


“We are calling on city councils to put in place enough bins at bus termini and other pick and drop points. We also call on all drivers of public transport to put pins on their vehicles,” Mrs Matanhire said.


Most cities like Harare have been battling outbreaks of water-borne diseases like cholera and typhoid. The outbreaks have been blamed on lack of hygiene information among the public and the obsolete sewer infrastructure in urban areas.


While such information is normally given at health centres, the church and the national transport operators have often lagged behind in educating communities. The roping in of churches and other religious leaders as well as that of the NTDA has been welcomed in many quarters.


Tafdzwa Goliati, the President of the Passenger Association of Zimbabwe welcomed the move by the churches and the NTDA.


“What we stand for is the welfare and security of the passengers particularly the commuting public. It’s quite encouraging to see the church and the NTDA working together to ensure the welfare of passengers. We would like the gospel of passenger security and welfare to spread across the country,” Goliati said.

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