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Old Mutual Funeral Services goes the extra mile in customer satisfaction

Mr Gerald Chinogara (C) at launch of Old Mutual Funeral Services

While conventional funerals have assisted the grieving families to give their loved ones a decent send-off, Old Mutual Funeral Services has gone a step further in its quest to reduce the burden by providing a courtesy vehicle, and shelter for the inlaws among other unique services on the market.

Spiked Online Media caught up with Mr. Gerald Chinogara, the Old Mutual Life Head of Retail, Distribution, and Marketing at the launch of Old Mutual Funeral Services in Harare today.

Below are the excerpts from the interview:

1) Why did you enter the funeral service sector?

The customers were requesting end-to-end funeral services. In responding to customer requests, we have launched a fully-fledged funeral service.

2) Which services are currently there in the market?

Funeral services are the same in the industry i.e. body removal, mortuary storage, body preparation, casket, hearses, and buses. As Old Mutual, we are enhancing the experience.

3) Why offer the service now?

Conventional funerals have assisted grieving families to give their loved ones a decent send-off. However, we noted the need to further reduce this burden by providing a courtesy vehicle, and shelter for the inlaws, memorial service and tombstone financial assistance.

4) What are you offering?

We are offering a better financial plan with competitive premium rates of US$2.50 per life and US$5 for a family. We have a package for everyone: Lite, classic, premium, and supreme and better services (short response time ), 24/7 access, and more flexibility.

5) What is the maximum age limit on new applications?

For a policyholder, it’s up to 65 years but there is no upper age limit for dependents.

6) What options are available for payment of premiums?

We have USD or ZWL Debit Order, Stop order, bank transfer, cash, and mobile money for Lite, classic, premium, and supreme plans.

7) How is Old Mutual Funeral Service different from what is already on the market?

We are pitching funerals as events, decorations, courtesy vehicles, post burial benefits such as hosting memorial services, and tombstones.

8) How efficient or responsive are you in times of need?

We take funeral as an emergency hence our response is immediate.

9) What systems do you have in place to ensure repatriation service partner delivers? In cases of mishaps, how do you help the bereaved family? (Indirectly address how Old Mutual will guard against mishaps)

We are into a strategic partnership in South Africa with 21st Century.



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