Old Mutual Schools Quiz to empower youths

Old Mutual have launched the Old Mutual Schools Quiz 2018 in a bid to empower youth afro-centric study.

Mr Isaiah Mashinya, the Old Mutual Group Chief Executive said they decided to rebrand and be active full throttle to the initiative. He said this at the launch held in Harare today.

“The role of the youth should be contemplated upon building a nation, if we agree that African founding values are key for national and regional development then we must also agree to systematically make them part of learning experience that supports youth development and responsibility.

“Thus we must not forget that youth of a nation are trustees of prosperity.

“We as Old Mutual observed and noted that this quiz program was a great implorer in empowering the youth (students) by its afro-centric study and decided to rebrand and be active full throttle to the initiative.

“This is a way of giving back to the community by allowing exposure to the youth through such programs,” Mr Mashinya said.

The Chief Executive said the competition is all about acquiring vibrant and elicit African knowledge not be about who emerges first or second position.

“Since the early 1980s, the quiz program has been at the centre of Old Mutual’s efforts to be a responsible citizen in the community and we have always believed that we do best when we invest in our young people.

“Some of the people who participated in the quiz program went on to be great achievers not only at national level but globally,” Mashinya said.

This year marks the fifth year of our partnership with Book of African Records who run the quiz programme.

Over the last three years, quiz has been held alongside workshops of the program: On The Money and over 20 000 students across the country’s 10 provinces have participated during the district and provincial competitions.

On the Money Programme is a financial education initiative created to teach you how to best manage finances.

The programme is based on the behaviours of Africa’s Big Five animals. The unique characteristics of the Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo, as found in nature, have been distilled to teach us how to manage our personal and family finances.

The quiz programme is no longer a core curriculum activity but is now part and parcel of the new curriculum.