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OneMoney Fees for Less is back and bigger

One Money

NetOne’s Mobile Financial Service- OneMoney’s Fees for Less promotion is back and bigger as it covers rural schools and tertiary institutions now.

OneMoney first launched the promotion just before the opening of the school’s second term this year and it is now targeting the schools third term.

Announcing the launch of the promotion, NetOne Executive Marketing and Public Relations Dr. Eldrette Shereni said the promotion is back by public demand and it has expanded to tertiary institutions.

“OneMoney’s vision is to create better and happier everyday lives for millions of Zimbabweans and beyond and we are back again fulfilling this vision by giving you the Fees for less promotion.

“NetOne is focusing on school fees as it is in line with our thrust towards promoting access to education for all.

“This promotion therefore seeks to reduce the burden and offer much needed financial relief to parents during this time,” she said.

Dr. Shereni said, “In addition, NetOne is contributing towards the development of schools, by rewarding the schools that receive the most payments through various prizes including a grand prize of a computer lab,”.

The mechanics of the promotion is that the first 100 parents who pay school fees worth $300 or more using the School’s OneMoney biller code will get a 100% discount on any amount paid up to $300. If a parent pays any amount below $300.00, they get 100% of their school fees back. In addition, there will be random fortnightly draws of $100 for the duration of the completion and up to 50 lucky parents stand a chance to win.

In the school’s category, the first 20 schools to register biller codes and receive a minimum of $1,000 school fees in their accounts will each win a $600 worth of school development fees. The first 30 rural schools to register and receive $400 into their biller account, get to receive $200 for school development. The 2nd highest school on payments will win a $3,000 school development voucher and the 3rd will win $2,000. The school with the highest (1st prize) amount above $5,000 paid via their account will win a computer lab comprising 15 computers, one generator and two One-Fi Devices.

In the tertiary institutions category, the first 100 university or college students who pay their fees from $1 to $300 using OneMoney gets $300 back into their account. A maximum 100 students stand a chance to win $50 semester opening vouchers in fortnightly prizes.

The promotion will run from the 12th of August to the 30th of September 2018.

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