Palestine condemns Israel’s call for use of nuclear weapons in Gaza

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The Ambassador of the state of Palestine, Dr Tamer Almassri condemns the ‘barbaric serious statements by the fascist ultranationalist’ Israeli Minister of Heritage, Amichai Eliyahu who has dared to call for an atomic bomb to be dropped on Gaza and annihilate it.
“The state of Palestine considers this as a declaration and clear acknowledgment of the genocide and ethnic cleansing the occupying state is executing against our oppressed people throughout the Palestinian geography.
“The apartheid state of Israel has so far dropped an equivalent to two nuclear bombs on Gaza since October 7 killing over 10,000 Palestinians, 70% are children, women, and elderly by American weapons and political support,” Dr. Almassri said.
He said the reckless statement of the fascist Minister Eliyahu translates the war of extermination that Israel has been waging on the Gaza Strip for the past 30 days and the tons of bombs and explosives that it drops daily on the heads of families safe inside their homes.
The Ambassador said this is also a confirmation that Israel houses nuclear weapons which threatens regional and global security hence the international community has to stop doubles standards to remove these Israeli nuclear threats.
The state of Palestine confirms that the calls of the fascist Minister Eliyahu are an extension of the Israeli positions and policy that denies the presence of the Palestinian people and their rights on their land which is a flagrant violation of internal law and humanitarian law.
The massacres committed daily against civilians in the Gaza Strip and Westbank are a clear reflection of the incitement campaigns advocated by the extremist government officials of apartheid Israel to destroy the Gaza Strip and displace its population.
The international community should issue a strong warning to Israel to prevent it from using its nuclear weapons against our innocent people and force it to sign a non-proliferation treaty. The failure to stop Israel from using its nuclear weapons puts the world on the brink of a nuclear threat or another world war.
Dr Tamer Almassri concludes that Eliyahu’s statement is an extension of the extremist terrorist ideology, and we urge the international community to condemn them and take effective measures to stop the Israeli military aggression, daily massacres, and genocide committed against the Palestinian people.