PAZ concerned about increase in road traffic accidents

By PAZ Information Department

THE Passengers Association of Zimbabwe (PAZ) is greatly concerned with the number of traffic accidents involving public transport resulting in unrelenting loss of lives.

As PAZ we are concerned about the number of unroadworthy vehicles on our roads and the attitude of some commuter omnibus crews who think that they can drive at high speeds.

We would like to advise kombi crews to adhere to speed limits, to respect passengers and the right to life. They should also respect pedestrians as they also have a right to use the road and most significantly also respect other motorists.

The attitudes and the behaviour of kombi crews who do not listen to complaints of the passengers have resulted in the unnecessary loss of lives.

PAZ’s blame does not entirely lie on the kombi crews but the commuter omnibus operators who put unroadworthy vehicles on the road. The operators who behave in this manner should be sued in their personal capacities in case of a traffic accident. They are putting the lives of innocent people in unnecessary danger.

It has also come to PAZ’s attention that he police officers from the traffic departments are also to blame. Most operators know that they will continue to operate as long as they pay fines.  It is PAZ’s strong belief that payment of a fine does not make a vehicle roadworthy.

Most public transport vehicles need to be taken off the road.

We call upon the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development to ensure that the lives of passengers and all Zimbabweans in general are safe.