PBNI launches Chegutu branch


Springboard platform  for Chegutu Businesses

By Lovemore Chazingwa (Business Correspondent)

CHEGUTU – Markets and products convergence platform, Premium Business Network International (PBNI) has set its sights on the mining and farming town of Chegutu in Mashonaland West province with a workshop for the same objective penciled for tomorrow.

The growing business entity has a vision to reach all the tentacles of business in the nation and beyond as well as a global reach as the premium objective of the organisation.

The workshop will tackle critical topics including but not limited to ‘How to effectively manage your business to grow in the current harsh economic environment.’ 

In a communique sent yesterday from the secretariat, the membership based organisation said: “The Chegutu business community is invited to a PBNI inaugural workshop slated for Friday 17th of MAY 2019 at Scout Hall.”

Admission to the launchpad is free and participants have a springboard chance to market their products from the word go.

“Admission is free. This is an opportunity to make your business known in your area and beyond. Don’t forget o bring your business cards and flyers to the workshop for the objective of the organisation is to network your business for its growth and sustainability.”

Founder and Executive director Kudzanai Vere said his business drive is to link business in every sector and size to the market and supplier hence the push for strong visibility.

“Our aim as PBNI is to bring everything closer to business while availing a chance for business to source inputs. You can be in any part of the world but be sure to access what you want through networking. For example if you get to Harare, Bulawayo, Nairobi, Durban, Dubai, Beijin  you can just click on the product you want and through this platform businesses offering such appear and you are spoilt for choice.

“The same should happen for businesses in smaller towns like Chegutu. Also suppliers should be accessed in similar fashion. Its doing business in sync with technology,” said the soft spoken business leader.

The workshop has blessings from Municipality of Chegutu and Chegutu Rural District Council who will share with the community within their jurisdiction. Input from the town fathers will expound on ways to take advantage of opportunities in the territory and how to do iti the smart way.

A lot of brushes may exist between business and authorities sometimes due to parallel minds between the two. This platform by PBNI has the capacity to even out operational modalities and ensure a win-win situation.

The workshop is coming at a time Zimbabwe’s economy is reeling in recession and only the well networked are bound to sail through. 

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