Philanthropist Matuka celebrates birthday by donating to people with disabilities

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Writes Marlvin Ngiza
Teen Rescue Mission Director, who is also a philanthropist, Abraham Matuka, has celebrated his birthday by descending to rural areas with assistive device donations to people with disabilities in Rusape.
The donations have seen two beneficiaries in village 9 of Rusape having a mobility burden taken off their shoulders.
One of the beneficiaries, Mary Maruwa, expressed great gratitude for such a warm gesture saying that her life has been made easier as she can now be able to move from one point to another without merely depending on her grand-daughter since she now has no children to look after her except this grand-daughter.
“I am so grateful to Mr Matuka.My life is now meaningful because I am now able to move around my yard doing some chores in a wheelchair. May God bless him so that he can continue helping many who are needy,” said Maruwa.
Viola Nyamukombo, who was born with a physical challenge also said, “The wheelchair came to me as a surprise. I could not believe it when I heard about that. Now with this device, I am sure that as a woman, I am now able to be independent and to do some projects so that I can earn a living. Also, my life at home will be easier. I may not need to be assisted in everything. I am very happy beyond measure,” she said.
Meanwhile, Matuka said that giving has always been prioritized and valued as one of the good morals in society and Christian values which God regards as true worship.
“I decided to celebrate my birthday this year by thanking God for the gift of life and I have seen it good to thank and please God by sharing love with people with disabilities in remote areas. I will be doing more of such gestures to bring smiles to that group which might feel neglected,” said Matuka.
People with disabilities usually stress that their absence in many circles of life and sectors of the economy is a result of a lack of assistive devices which hinder them from moving freely and accessing some of the infrastructure and places.
The National Disability Policy (2021) states that assistive devices must be provided by the government for free and where this is not possible, the cost of assistive devices must be regulated by the government to foster affordability by persons with disabilities..