Poem: I am an African child, a global village child


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Writes Catherine Murombedzi
Who am I?
Where do I belong?
I am an immigrant in the global village.
I yearn for identity, not to be tagged.
Why am I called an immigrant in Europe?
A European in Africa is an expatriate.
Why do some stigmatise my stay here?
I am a soul with a story.
A heart that beats with hope and a mind that dreams of a world without borders.
I am a thread in the intricate fabric of humanity, woven with the same dignity and worth as every other thread.
Let us weave a new narrative, one that celebrates our diversity and the richness it brings.
Let us stitch together a tapestry of understanding, where every thread is valued and every story is heard.
I am not just an immigrant; I am a human being, deserving of respect, kindness, and compassion.
I belong to the global village, and the global village belongs to me.
Together, let us create a world where identity is a source of strength, not a label, to be stigmatised.
A world where belonging is a fundamental right, not a privilege reserved for a few.
I am a human being, and this is my story.
Hear me, see me, and let us rise together, as one human family.
My parents came in search of a better tomorrow.
Your ancestors, a hundred years yonder, in search of a better tomorrow, too, made Africa their home.
If only we could live in harmony, we would hold equity for humanity.
Their dreams were woven with hope and resilience.
Their struggles, are a testament to their determination and strength.
They sought a brighter future, free from oppression’s chains.
A chance to build a life where their children could thrive and grow unabated, unhindered.
Let us honor their legacy, their courage, and their strife.
By building a world where all can live with dignity and life.
Where equality and justice reign, and love conquers fear.
The tomorrow they sought becomes a reality, year by year.
Also, honour my parents’ legacy, in return.
Their courage and daily strife to build your country is a testament to the global village.
Together, let us weave a tapestry of understanding and grace.
And create a world where every heart can find its place.
Allow us space to be at home away from home.
No to hate language, stigma, or discrimination.
No one was born with negativity.
Man-made hatred breeds such unbecoming deeds.
Let us cultivate a world where love is the native tongue.
Where diversity is celebrated, and differences are made to belong.
Where every heart can beat with pride, without fear of persecution.
Allow the warmth of acceptance to envelop us all, like a gentle emotion.
We were all born with innocence, pure and free from strife.
But along the journey, we learned to hate, to fear, to discriminate, and to divide in life.
With fears to face your shortcomings, superiority tendencies built fallacy egos.
Paper book lions, ‘roaring’ because you are flipped over.
Roaring only in fictitious peer cheered settings.
Like castles in the air, your fake bravery will crumble.
Alone you stand to be tried.
Your conscience to slash you as night-time falls.
Let to unlearn the hate and relearn the love again, the way we did from birth.
Embracing each other’s stories, like branches of a tree above.
In this space, we’ll find our home, our sense of belonging.
Where love will be the anchor that holds us, and our hearts will keep on singing.
I am an African Child.
I am a Global Village Child carrying no swords of hatred in my heart.
I am a Child In Peace
I am, because we are.
A cry for a world where everyone can feel at home without fear of hate, stigma, or discrimination.
Love is our natural state, and hatred is a learned behaviour that can be unlearned.
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